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Posted By Deanna on January 16, 1999 at 12:44:46:

I am seeing a well recommened Urologist at a local hospital, whom well is very undecisive. For the past 5 mths I have had noticable blood in urine, very large ketones, unknown bacteria growth that is resistant to all meds given, pain with intercorse, lekocites countable but yet it is not an infection. Seems now my first Dx a few yrs back was cystitis now he has rulled that out and want to seek testing for cancer. Mean while treatment has stopped for the bacteria and blood and anemia is now a concern. I am only 24 and confused. I sleep alot now cause I am so tierd after a day of work and the energy to do anything is almost slim as the day progresses. I do do areobics daily in the am and am self controling on watching or decreasing weight therefore eating healthy is not an issue. Help the comfused:) thx
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