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Constant urge to urinate/irritation in penis

I am a 24 year old gay male.  Never had any real health problems my whole life. About 3 years ago when I was 21, I started experiencing an issue after intercourse that has bothered me on and off since… more on than off though. It was after intercourse with my partner at the time. I was receiving during anal sex. We finish and normally after I ejaculate, I will need to urinate and will have an urge to urinate afterwards for around 20 minutes. Then, I go back to normal. Well, after our sex, I felt like I had to urinate so I did… but the feeling never receded.  I kept feeling like I had to urinate hours and days afterwards. Actually, let me rephrase that. I call it an urge to urinate but it is more like an irritation in my penis. When I have to urinate, I feel it in my lower stomach and when I push on my stomach I can feel that I need to pee. This feeling is located more in my penis. I feel like I almost need to hold my actual penis in my fist and squeeze on it to relieve the irritation feeling. I never have any pain. It also seemed to be flared up by masturbation or ejaculation of any sort. I decided that I should go to my family doctor after symptoms kept getting worse and worse. He did blood work and a urinalysis. The blood work came back fine but he noticed blood in my urine, so he put me on a round of antibiotics which helped clear up my issue for the time being. Around a month after issue went away, it came back. I went back to the doctor and he referred me to an urologist. She found nothing out of the ordinary and suggested that I might be having pelvic floor spasms. She prescribed me Vesicare (just in case an enlarged prostate was the problem), Flexoril (1 at night), and Valium (rectally, 3 times a day) – after starting the medicine, a couple of weeks later the problem disappeared overnight. It stayed gone for around 9 months, when the problem abruptly came back. I then went back to the Urologist, she did another urinalysis (came back clear) and she changed me to Tamsulosin and Toviaz instead of Vesicare. Did not work. She wanted a CAT scan to check for kidney stones. Did that and it came back “perfectly clear” as she said. She then referred me to a Pelvic Floor Therapist and that did not work either. I soon after started searching for a second opinion. I went to a 2nd urologist and he said that the Tamsulosin and Toviaz work against each other and he wanted me off of it immediately. He also did a prostate exam and said that it was enlarged. So I got off of those two medicines and he started me on 2 rounds of antibiotics (Doxy-CYCL 100MG) – helped some but never a full amount. I returned and he wanted me to do a Cystoscopy. I was not crazy about this urologist so I moved to a 3rd one. He did pretty much the same things the first one did… prostate exam (found prostate enlarged), took me off all medicines and ran me on 1 round of antibiotics again (Levofloxacin 500MG) and Myrbetriq, then suggested a Cystoscopy also (I decided to do so). After starting the Myrbetriq I had some urinary tract pain so I stopped immediately. I noticed that it was a side effect of that medicine. He performed the Cystoscopy and found nothing wrong with my bladder… no scaring or problems. He checked my prostate yet again and said that my prostate with just “genetically large”.  He prescribes me Flomax, Flexoril (1 at night) again, Amitriptylin (1 at night if needed instead of the Flexoril) and Fluconazole for a possible yeast infection.  Now, I am noticing now that when I ejaculate there is absolutely NO semen that come out upon orgasming, which is a more common side effect of Flomax. I am currently on that round of medicines and have yet to find any relief from my problems. The 3rd urologist thinks I am experiencing symptoms of chronic prostatitis and that is what is causing me problems. He said that many rounds of antibiotics will never actually make it to the prostate so it can be hard to treat. He said he has seen cases that lasts for years and then all the sudden POOF, they are gone one day.  He thinks that this will happen to me.

Here are some more details of the issue:
I cannot find any correlation between what causes the problem to intensify at times more than others. Foods, sodas, sugar… nothing seems to make it worse. The only thing I can seem to find a slight correlation with is dark colored sodas and tea. And 9/10 times it doesn’t make it worse. But sometimes it will.

During the 9 months I spoke of where the problem had gone away, I had was in a relationship and was having anal sex regularly. After we broke up, a couple weeks later is when the problem came back. I am not having anal sex… and in fact I haven’t had it since we broke up which has been a year or so now. Could anal sex have helped by maybe massaging the prostate or something?

I have noticed that my semen has a yellowish tint to it… and it has been like that for a couple of years now.

Drinking any type of alcohol will most of the time make the issue completely go away… it’s the only thing that does, which isn’t a fix because I can’t go around taking shots of vodka or sipping on margaritas all day long. Plus it is only a temporary fix. The problem comes back as soon as the alcohol leaves my body completely.

I have no way of relieving myself from the problem… the medicines that have been given to me do not work in my opinion. I use the Flexoril to help me sleep and take my mind of the problem. I have yet to use the Amitriptylin. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could find something to help calm it down whenever I was really experiencing the issue.

The only thing I have been able to find some relation with is ejaculation. It will really flair the problem up when I do it too often (more than 3 or 4 times are week). I usually can only do it 2 maybe 3 tops times a week and not just be miserable.  I have sustained from masturbation and ejaculation for weeks at a time and it seemed to help considerably… but as soon as I started doing it often the problem came back and never left. Also, prolonged exercise of 30 minutes of more tends to help temporarily relief the issue also.

It never seems to improve gradually and go away… if the problems goes away it literally does overnight. Then it will start just as quickly also. Interesting fact, when the problem is gone I can ejaculate sometimes 7 to 10 times a week and never have a problem whatsoever… but as soon as I start having the issue more than 2 or 3 times will bother me a lot.

When I was younger… I would use my fists and lie on the bed pushing into the area directly above my penis. The pressure and sensation would cause me to become erect and eventually ejaculate.  I did that for many years… from probably 8 to 18. I then realized that what I was doing was weird lol and stopped doing it and started masturbating the normal way. Could this have caused damage somehow?

I am currently at a complete loss for what could be causing it. I want to believe that the 3rd urologist was right about the chronic prostatitis... but I just have a weird feeling that it isn’t that.  I decided to post on here and see what other people might think to be culprit of the problem. Any questions or suggestions are completely appreciated and this has affected my life dramatically over the past few years and I would like to try and find a way to put an end to it once and for all.
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