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Continuous UTI like symptoms

Diagnosed with uti 9/17 treated with nitrofurantoin. After one week symptoms persisted so was given ciprofloxacin. After one week symptoms persisted again so another culture was done and diagnosed with staph infection. Treated with amoxicillin but after one week symptoms still persist. Another culture done and came back contaminated was treated with metronidazole. Now done with prescription and systems still persist. Going to call doctor to see if another analysis/culture. Any other suggestions on what I should do.    
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Wow, that's a lot.  That is one heck of a UTI and long stream of drugs tried.   I'm the type that wants the stronger antibiotic right off the bat to knock out the infection from the get go.  Yes, get checked again to see if you still have bacteria.   You either haven't fully gotten rid of that original UTI or you are somehow reintroducing bacteria into the urinary tract.  The symptoms of a UTI are pretty unmistakable once you've had them so I don't doubt you know that it is 'there' again. By the way, are you male or female and what is your age.  (It's anonymous here so you can say).
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Thanks for your response. I am female age 40.
Hi there, it would be wise to do swabs and test chlam/mico/ureaplasma as in women they can be  symptom less and quite often in medical practice are the hidden part of a persistent uti caused by a different bacterial strain altogether.
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