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Curvature remedy

Dear All,

As Xiaflex makes even some years' old plaque soft again, i.e., able to "modify"/"remove" it; Would that likely imply:

- i) that penis stretching or sexual activity at an early stage of the plaque development due to the Peyronie Condition might either prevent, improve or postpone its curvature/bend?

- ii) apparently, some patients refer to penis traumas decades ago before its development, what else could explain a possible lengthy period of time?

Warmest regards,

Born in the 60s, struck in the 90s, downed in the 00s, and anticipating the 20s
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I like "Born in the 60s, struck in the 90s, downed in the 00s, and anticipating the 20s ".  That's good.

Ya, you can have an event in the younger years that causes trauma leading to peyronies later. Great, right?  No.  

I'm not really sure what you are asking.  Meds used for this have kind of inconsistent results but worth trying.  I think the one you mention reduces collagen which would interfere with the formation of scar tissue.  But ya, if you already have it, does it reduce it?  It is supposed to reduce pain though too.  Do you have pain with it?

Surgery is the best way to cure it but ya, no one wants to do that!  

What's your particular situation?  I'll try to help more.
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Thx a lot for this, yes even though I guess the saying blindness improves hearing is true for me, I am ready to start w injection or stretching therapy, and skip the surgery.

Besides from wondering about Xiaflex, I wonder if there is a consensus  about the range of time before the plaque development commences: can 30 yrs be ruled out?

All the best

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