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Cuts/raw skin on penis tip, some bumps - solutions?


Roughly four weeks ago, I had vigorous, protected sex multiple times my girlfriend, and slept naked. I found the next day that the skin on and slightly inside the tip was red and raw with multiple very small cuts. This area has remained raw and red-looking since, with a slightly burnt and sore feeling, and the cuts have not healed at all, I think because urination constantly reopens them. There is no discomfort while/immediately after urinating but there is a short time after. I have tried various treatments to help the healing - bacitracin ointment, warm baths, patting down the area with tissue/a lukewarm wet washcloth to clean the urine. None of them has had any success and may have made it linger. It's still red and raw-looking now. I have also abstained from sexual activity for the past 4 days and cut down my fluid intake.

I have had no discharge, although urine has been leaking slightly (I'm not sure if they are directly related.) I have however, developed small flesh colored/reddish bumps on both sides of the opening, which look vaguely like zits or mosquito bites. They are painless.

Basically I'm asking 1. If there is anything that can speed up the healing process in this area 2. If the lack of healing and the bumps are anything to be concerned about. I know the second is difficult to answer without an in-person exam.
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