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Cystitis in adult male ...kindly suggest ?

Hi Friends

My Ultrasound report :
Diffuse thickened urinary bladder wall (0.7 cm)
Post void residual urine is significant (38 cc)
Cystitis to be considered.

Blood Urea is 23.11 mg/dl
Bun 10.80
creatinine serum 1.11
uric acid 4.80

urine report
2-3 Rbc hPF
ph 6.0
pus cells - negative
No developement in culture.

My age is 30.
I have frequent urination for past many years.After drinkng half litre water have to go every 14 mins for next 2-3 hours.

I never really tried to solve it after a antibiotic did not work.

It started after a thrush infection and sore on penis . I got these infections at nursing home probably.
nothing could be found as reason for penis sores in tests.

I had mild fever and back pain. It happened due to continued masturbation for few days. My frequency of urine increases after sex. I have PE problem as well.

Suggest what should i tell my doc. I dont want to take harsh medicines. I had severe gastro problem in past.Suggest any herb or ayurvedic options as well.
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I do not know as to why you sent me a message with a link to this site as I'm not a doctor.
I'm just a patient who has had several urological issues.

"My Ultrasound report :
Diffuse thickened urinary bladder wall (0.7 cm)
Post void residual urine is significant (38 cc)
Cystitis to be considered."

When I went for urodynamics tests, they told me that residual urine of less than 100 cc is not considered to be a problem. My urodynamics tests indicated a residual urine above 100cc. It was found that I have a neurogenic bladder, needing self catheterization.

"Blood Urea is 23.11 mg/dl
Bun 10.80
creatinine serum 1.11
uric acid 4.80 "

I don't know what blood urea is supposed to be. Many times I had visual blood in my urine. In my case that was often due to an infection.urine report
2-3 Rbc hPF
ph 6.0
pus cells - negative
No developement in culture."

Negative on pus cells as well as no development in the culture indicates that your symptoms are not caused by an infection. Each time that I had an infection, pus cells were up and many times a culture did indicate an infection.

"My age is 30.
I have frequent urination for past many years.After drinkng half litre water have to go every 14 mins for next 2-3 hours."

How large or small are the amounts of urine passed every time? Frequent urination can be caused by cystitis, but can also be the result of prostatitits. When I was being diagnosed cystitis was suspected but ended up being negative.
You might need to go for a urodynamics test. In this test you first will have to urinate in a special toilet which will measure the flow and rate of urination. It also detects stopping and starting. After that you will be placed on a table and several catheters and sensors are introduced in the penis, bladder as well as having one catheter into the rectum. They also use ultra sound to determine the residual urine in your bladder before further testing.

In the testing procedure, the introduce sterile water into the bladder. You will be asked to give a signal when you have reached the maximum volume of urine that you can handle. You will need to wait untill the point where you no longer can hold your urine. At that moment they will ask you to urinate. Don't worry the table is set up in a manner that any water, urine is caught. During this process they will monito several different things. Some of these is you control over your sphyncters, flow of urine, volume as well as many other things. In a case where the bladder volume is small they might attempt to stretch the bladder. This is usually done with some form of aneasthetic. I had some done without and must state that it is very discomfortable. The tests itself do not involve pain, but just the discomfort of feeling your bladder reaching it's limits while it is being filled.

Antibiotics should only be used upon the advice of a doctor. In cases of prostatitis and cystitis it is often suspected that an infection might be the cause and antibiotics are prescribed. However in your case urine analysis does not indicate an infection, and antibiotics should not have been used. One of the drugs that you might want to ask your doctor about is Detrol LA. Vesicare is another one that can be used to treat this. For myself, Vesicare had terrible side effects. Nausea and dizzyness being some of the problems. Besides these two drugs are not the only two, there are several other forms of drug treatment. Buscopan is also used to eleviate bladder spasms. Pyridium (not sure if I spelled it right) might help to overcome some bladder discomfort. Buscopan is also used to eleviate bladder spasms.This drug will make your urine look orange to red. It does stain clothes, so white underwear is not suggested as is white or light colored clothing. No matter how you try to dry your penis after urination some will end up in your underwear.
Just as a funny true story about my experience with Pyridium goes as follows: I used to work as a heavy duty mechanic. Due to having severe urinary urgency, there were times that I could not make it to the bathroom on the second floor of the business. To avoid accidents, I had gotten into the habit of urinating behind the garbage container just beside the shop door. During this time General Motors had started using a redish/orange engine coolant. Having had to go badly again, I went near the garbage container and left a redish/orange puddle. One of the other mechanics who I did not like because of his poor work performance, had moved a truck from the place that I had urinated. When he came back to the door he noticed the puddle. He asked one of his friends who was visiting him during work hours, look at the puddle as well. Eventually they ended up sticking their fingers in the puddle smelling their fingers. The other mechanic eventually put his finger back into the puddle and touched his tonque with it. Normally engine coolant has a sweet taste to it. I was trying my very best not to laugh. When they came into the shop to have their coffee they were discussing the puddle of seemingly engine coolant. The mechanic mentioned to his friend that it was very strange. He said "if I did not know any better, I swear it was ****." My apprentice and I quickly had to go out side as we could no longer hold our laughter. When we came back in he asked us what we were doing outside. I told him that I was showing the apprentice his next vehicle to work on.
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I want to add that urine stream's flow is thin and less forceful than healthy people. And with time the flow speed has decreased.

I guess there could be Urethral Stricture.
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You should consider seeing a urologist, you may benefit from cystoscopy.

Good luck!
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i am scared of cystoscopy. I can try urodymics etc where they take pics while passing urine to assume the problem area.

i feel i developed pain and cytititis flare bcoz of sex and inability to wake at night and go to urine some times.
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i am taking a herb Gokshuradi Guggul

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