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Desperate for help- chronic prostatitis

Hello! My name is Chris. I'm 30 years old with very agonizing chronic prostatitis. I've had a strong urge to urinate, frequent urination, pain and pressure in between my scrotum and anus as well as in my penis for years throughout my 20s. It got worse and I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis 2 months ago. I've been on antibiotics such as doxy, dazapam, anti inflammatory meds, alpha blockers and a steroid called Medrol pak. Nothing seems to work at all. I try ejaculating to help get the fluid out to relieve the burning lressure sensation but my orgasms got weaker and very little comes out now and it's watery. Ejaculating actually seems to make the pressure worse and I feel more swollen. The need to urinate and ejaculate gets worse so now im afraid to even masturbate. At the moment I am unable to reach an orgasm or ejacukate at all when I try. The pressure is so intense I can't stimulate it enough to ***. The only thing that seems to give me temporary relief at all are the prostate massages I get from urolofist and even that only relieves the symptoms for maybe 2 days tops. I can't sleep at night and im constantly in tears. It caused strain on my relationship with my fiancé and she had enough and left me. It's embarrasing as hell going to my urologist evey week getting new meds that don't work and prostate massage. No guy wants a finger up he butt but it's the only relief I get and im desperate for any relief at all. I try doing it myself but it doesn't work or I can't reach it. I read online that a prostectomy may be an option to cure this? Does anyone have any information or know a urologist that would be willing to do it for a 30 year old? I can't take this pain anymore and it's so bad I just want to die. There's no relief and it never stops. I realy want to get rid of it. Please.

Are there any urologists on here that can help me please? I'm begging for any help. I will get rid of my prostate if I have to just please please help me.

Thank you so much

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Hi Chris I am can very much relate to what your going through especially the hopelessness that nothing is going to get better,  I thought u might take solace from someone having a very similar experience like I did while reading your post.  I too have constant discomfort that makes me very depressed.  The only thing that is getting me through is that I have had this before after getting a tic bite on my penis, this triggered a mental breakdown but everything amazingly got better when I went on a ten day silent meditation retreat  which had such a healing effect on my brain that the symptoms didn't seem like a big deal anymore, they seem worse this time but I'm enrolled to do one of those courses next month which I'm more nervous than excited about because I sort of see it as one last chance because generally I feel as hopeless as u do now and would do anything to get rid of the pain, maybe we can stay in touch as I really think we are going through similar things and I would appreciate someone to go through it with, hopefully you would like  someone to confide in too..  kind regards, lucas
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Suffered from prostatitis for over 15 years,antibiotics,trips to doctors, all that I have passed,but the recovery is not received.Started to search for treatment of prostatitis.Tried everything.So I write to you because I want to help people like me.The fact that I purchased the device mavit on the website http://www.prostato.tk used it for 2 months .Plus drank antibiotic ipil Masol pumpkin teaspoon 3 times a day.And now I feel fine and prostatitis disappeared,now 6 months lead a normal sexual life.
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