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Diabetes and post-Prostatitis questions....

  Good day,
  I am a type 1 diabetic...
  I visited the forum in January during a bout with Prostatitis.  In summary, I was diagnosed then treated for the prostate infection, but continued to have some mild but annoying perineal pain.  I was refeered to a urologist next.  The urologist perfromed a DRE and observed that the prostate was not inflammed and it was likely that I was still in the resolution stage of the prostatis bout.  He told me that he generally gives patience 8 weeks for the infection to clear and 8 weeks after for the rest of the symptoms to clear.  He commented that because I was a diabetic (currently my A1C is 9.3) it might take longer.  He believed that there could have been nerve damage associated with the infection and that nerves are always the last thing to heal.
  He prescribed heavy amount of Ibuprofin which I took for about a month.  The symptoms seemed to subside after that point, but I am now "feeling" the return of the perineal pain.  When this pain occurs, I often feel it travelling down my leg and into my feet.  I'm famaliar with the foot pain because initially in my Diabetic treatment, I was mildly affected with nueropathy in that area which eventually disappeared with better control of the diabetes.
  My apologies for the long-winded message, but I am basically wondering if my Urologist was correct in assuming that there could be residual nerve damage from the infection that may bother me for quite some time, and is my poorly controlled diabetes adding to the problem?  Any other thoughts about my situation would be appreciated....
Dear David,
Thank you for your question. Indeed your problem could be explained by prostatitis and its consequences. Prostatitis requires long term treatment  and often several courses are needed to completely eradicate the problem. In diabetics it even takes longer. However the pain along the leg is concerning. Patients with prostatitis do complain of pain around the perineum and medial aspect of the thigh. If your pain is along the back of the thigh with radiation  to the calf and the foot, it must be evaluated to exclude a pinched nerve. However if you get this symptom only when you get the perineal pain it is probably related to prostatitis. Sometimes prostatic massage and examination of the prostatic secretion help in conclusively proving whether one has prostatitis or not. Even in the absence of  infection one can get prostate pain -- prostatodynia. Overall  prostatitis is a recurring problem, and one may have to take several courses of antibiotics.  
This information is provided for general medical information purposes only. Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition. The Henry Ford Hospital Department of Urology has experience in the evaluation and treatment of problems such as you describe. We would be most interested in helping you. You can reach us through our toll-free number (1-800-653-6568). We can also arrange local accommodations through this number if this is your need. Please bring any x-rays [and pathology slides] (not just the reports) as well as any physicians
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