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Discharge or precum? Im clueless help me

Come on i really need help :(

Im 24 man. I dont feel any pain anywhere. No pain in urinating. Even when the last part of pee comes. No pain in ejaculation.

I am just curious because during early in the morning My penis is erect. After the erection fades like when the penis is now normal or flaccid I then see something coming out. Dude, I dont know what this is. I am not sure if it is PRE- CUM or anything i should worry about? It is not clear. Somewhat whitish. Sometimes yellow-white (not sure if it mixes with urine left in my urethra). Is it possible that this is just precum ?! Do i have prostattitis? It doesnt happen everyday though
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Testosterone in men is highest first thing in the morning, assuming you have normal circadian rhythms and sleep at relatively normal times.  That explains the erection and it's also possible you're having the beginning of a wet dream.  If you had prostatitis, which isn't a disease, just a description of an inflamed prostate but not why it's inflamed, and you're way too young for that to be likely, it would have some symptoms you would notice.  This is isn't one of them.  It would be some pain or problem urinating or the like.
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Thanks so much for the reply. I’ve been monitoring this since last year December.

It really does appear only in the morning after getting an erection AND when my body is signaling me to urinate cause of the stored up urine all night. That discharge or Pre cum or whatever this is I mentioned would peek from the penis meatus. Just a slight amount with no accompanying symptoms.

Also went to a clinical laboratory. Used first voided urine in the morning and my (WBC) Pus cells came out as 1-2/HPF as well as well as my RBC no bacteria found. Infectious Disease doctor said my lab result was normal.
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