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Discomfort after peeing and increased need to pee - NO UTI

Hello, I am 19 year old male. Recently I have been going through a series of physical ailments, starting with a gum infection, to going to herpes appearing on my shoulder because of stress (that's what I have been told), and now, a few things regarding my urinary system that have been present for roughly 3 weeks. I mentioned the other ailments because I have taken medication for them (Clindamycin for the gum ailment, Aciclovir for the herpes).

I have been dealing with this for 3 weeks, and I have never been sexually active.

What I have been feeling, apart from what I already said in my first message, is a mild discomfort after a pee, and mild incontinence.

At the beginning, I was feeling some spasms in my bladder and lower back pain (these have disappeared, except some sharp feeling in my bladder that happens rarely now). I have already seen a doctor before and told me I had non infectious cystitis. And so he gave me anti inflammatory medication for my bladder. I also had several urine tests and an ultrasound of my bladder and my kidneys, and there was no abnormalities in any of those tests, but I still feel with increased need to pee and a little discomfort.

In regards to sex related issues, I haven't had sex yet but I have been noticing that I do feel more sore after ejaculation from masturbation, and for a long period (2 hours max). I wouldn't say I have pain at the exact moment of ejaculation, but I do feel even more discomfort afterwards than if I didn't masturbate. Regardless, I don't think it may be prostate related.

I have also had an UTI when I was 10 years old, where I peed blood. I think it was because I drank little water and because I didn't properly clean my glans from smegma. I am uncircumcised.

Any solutions/comments? Thanks in advance.
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