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Im 27 years old and two years ago I was told I have two ureters coming from my left kidney. I have had severe UTI all my life and have been hospitalized twice for kidney infections.  My urologist keeps trying new antibiotics to stop the infections (which I take daily) but they never work.  My urologist did a test where they pump dye into my bladder and then I void in order to see if I was refluxing.  The test came back to show that I was not refluxing.  However he indicated that I may only be refluxing when I have a bladder infection and that may weaken the valve causing me to reflux and causing me to get kidney infections.  I have a constant aching in my left kidney and I constantly have a bladder infection.  My urologist suggested surgery but what kind of surgery is normally done for this and how long and how compliacted is it.  I still want more children and I dont want this to ruin my chances... what do you think of the situation?
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You definatly need a good urologist or nephrologist,the ER is terrible from my experiance with actually finding the cause of things.I was also born with 3 kidneys 2 on my right side.i have had "stomach" problems all my life.5 years ago i got a really bad kidney infection.they did a scope and founs i too had seperate tubes to my bladder.i was checked for reflux but they said i was fine.when the scope was done i was told i have scarring in my kidneys from so many infections.my problem is i dont experience the symtoms of a uti no burning or urgency and ive always peed alot.i only know when my back starts to really hurt and i go get it tested.i recently had a renal scan and found out my little kidney on the top right is atrophied but my drs all agree to just leave it,but i have frequent pain which doesnt always present as an infection,so im not sure if this is a great idea.i have had alot of problems the past couple of years my gallbladder died,appendicitis,and i was just diagnosed w hypothyroidism.idk what to do anymore i just want to get myself really healthy again.my parents are worried this could be causing alot of trouble.also be careful of taking so many antibiotics you could get CDIF which can be fatal.Lara
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I have this same exact problem. I was born with 3 kidneys.. 2 on my left side, with 2 ureters as well. I have had horrible bladder & kidney infections most of my life (although was unaware it was a bladder infection until I was about 18..). When I was 18 I finally had such a horrible kidney infection I had to be rushed to the hospital. I had stents placed and removed twice, and I was also refluxing really bad (so every time I went pee I could feel urine shooting up into my kidney and burning so bad..) and also had surgery to fix that. Since the surgery (which was in Jan. 07), I have only had a few minor bladder infections. Then about 2 months ago I had what I thought was another really bad kidney infection. I went to the ER and they came back to tell me I had no infection, were VERY rude to me, and just sent me on my way, disregarding my previous bouts with kidney problems my whole life.
The past week I've had such a terrible pain in my left kidney I can barely move.. it honestly hurts just to touch my back. I don't think I have an infection because I have no other symptoms, just the horrible pain.. but I'm too scared to go to to the ER because I'm afraid they'll just send me home with tylenol again. I'm in the same situation you are.. I have no idea what to do.
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