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Ejaculation Problem


I am 20 years old male relatively healthy in a good shape. I have a problem that whenever I masturbate there is no semen coming out. This has been going on for a year, my ejaculation was slowly reducing the amount of semen until now where almost nothing comes out. (before that, I was able to ejaculate without problems)

To describe the whole symptoms, after reaching orgasm which is not so intense anymore a transparent liquid similiar to water comes out. After ejaculation, I feel pressure in my testicles and lower part of the body (legs, prostate). The intersting thing is that when having an orgasm, I am having normal muscle contractions as if I was really ejaculating but nothing comes out except the watery liquid. After orgasming I need to pee. I do not have any problems with erections.

After doing some research, I figured out that this might be retrograde ejaculation where the semen goes into the bladder. However, I tried to test it and peed into a glass. There was no semen or semen-like consistency. I also tried to touch it and move my fingers but nothing, I suppose it was only urine.

I'd like to ask what are these symptoms and what is the treatment?

Is it possible that I have aspermia or ejaculatory duct obstruction?

PS: I had no surgery, nor diabetes and no injury that would cause this. It developed simply out of nowhere. One thing is that in the past I was excessively masturbating, which I have stopped already for a few months but nothing has changed after trying to ejaculate after more than a month. I am planning to visit a doctor soon.

Thanks a lot
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