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Enlarged Prostate

Apr 27, 2013
To: S. Kaul, MD
Thank you very much for your response.Unfortunately my Urologist has stopped drugs & advised only to go for Surgery,even though urgency is not envisaged.
I consulted my physician who in turn prescribed Veltam tablet-one at night & Himplasia one tablet in the morning,to continue for a month & then stop to assess any improvement.
I have no choice but to wait & watch.My enlargement is external and don't expect sudden problem.
As a matter of fact,if PSA wouldn't have been checked in Oct.2012,as 8.78,which is below 10,nothing serious,beyond, with 4/5times urination at night.With treatment I am alarmed of infection,possibility of cancer and what not.Sometimes no knowledge is blessing!
Since PSA is 3.6now and postviod vol is fairly ok with lower frequency of 2/3times,i must thank the physician/urologist,as cancer possibility is ruled out.
I am only concern as Duprost side reaction indicates induced cancer(Drugs.com),low bp & blurred vision.
If you can review and advise only for Flomax/Urimax instead of VELTAM,it may help me to discuss with my physician who started treatment once again after a month break.
I wish you would appreciate my anxiety, having read about Prostate on Internet,generated psychological impact.
If surgery is prolonged without drugs,what worst can happen?
Kindly advise,if you are in my place.I do feel cramps & burning sensation on
legs and also weakness.
I am also NA glaucoma patient but having better vision after Laser/Cataract surgery,without any eye drops.IOP is 14/15mmhg.
Do you think PSA/sonography monitoring will be good guide to see any deterioration?as I understand PSA is no way  confirms Cancer and increase in Vol of prostate varies on different machine,which I apparently saw when Pathology Lab(56gm) & Urologist machine indicated different vol,(68/77gm)despite treatment was on.
Does it mean that drugs have failed to achieve targeted results to lead Urologist to advise for surgery.What are the benefits V/S risk?
I am really confused and regret for my long case history.
Kindly review in right prospective and repond.
GOD bless you.
Thanks once again.
with warm regards,
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Hi there!

In the situation while veltam would be preferred over flomax/ urimax, though it would be inappropriate to review/ suggest medications online without a detailed clinical evaluation. The choice of medication is best discussed with your treating urologist.
Well, with the current flow rates and volumes, surgery could be delayed for some time, however if the situation worsens delaying the surgery could lead to potential symptoms and complications such as increased risk of infections etc.
If the described symptoms are believed to be due to urological reasons, it is best advised to go ahead with the surgery, as suggested by your treating urologist.
Cancer risk can be monitored by USG and PSA (free/ total), while a biopsy is the only confirmatory test.
Hope the information is helpful.

Take care!
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Dear Sir,

thanks a lot for your advise & comment.

If situation demands I would go for surgery,as avoiding recurring risk of infection etc.However,I am really scared of surgical risk at the age of 75,as the death toll on account of prostate cancer-if at all it develops,is quite low.

I am sure you would agree,though I would not ignore your recommendation.Sometimes I feel it is better to live with minor problem.
God bless you.
With regards & thanks once again.
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