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Enlarged dorsal vein and other veins on penis shaft after using pump

I have used a penis pump only a few times now (just out of curiosity, as I was getting kind of bored with not experimenting in the bedroom) and nothing bad has happened until last night I think I went too far with it and when I removed the pump I noticed one of the bigger veins at the very top of the base of the shaft became pumped up and prominent and my erection quickly subsided (probably due to my noticing this and freaking out)... it hasn't gone away since (it's been 24 hours now), you can only see these veins when erect and they only disappear when 100% flaccid. The dorsal vein enlargement goes from the base and is quite big and prominent for about 1 centimetre or so down the shaft (on top). There are also some other smaller veins that have become prominent along the shaft elsewhere. None of these feel hard anywhere when touched, they feel I suppose like "normal" veins, kind of squishy but definitely not hard or like a tough lump. Will this go away over time or should I get it checked out/corrected? Is this Mondor's disease?
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From what you describe, it sounds like your veins have expanded from your use of the penis pump, and that is normal, since everything within the pump cylinder will expand due to the vacuum created when used.  This should not be a problem, but you should not go "too far" with the pump and overdo it by over-pumping or by using it for too long of a session.  
I think I may have just gone too far and it's stretched everything too much, and expanded the veins... I'm worried though because it's been 5 days and it's still like this and there's even this dull slight pain there which has been there since a couple of days after it happened
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UPDATE: it's been nearly a whole month and the vein is still the same... I have noticed that it only sticks out and bulges when I have been sexually active and lasts about a day or two, then it subsides when 100% flaccid... until I get an erection again and it reappears. I went to the doctor a week after this all happened (just after i posted this thread) and the lady said it was normal (she used the example of the back of your hands when it's warm, the veins stick out) which was not entirely helpful because the vein never used to be there until I had that accident with the pump. Is there any way to reduce it back to normal the way it used to be? Do I just try and avoid sexual activity for a few weeks or something?
Since you visited with your doctor about your situation and she cleared you of any problems with your veins, there is no need to avoid sexual activity.  You have stretched your vein and that is that.  It would have been helpful if the doctor was able to see your erect penis in order to see the expanded veins in question.  But as long as there is no pain and you are urinating and ejaculating properly, carry on.  
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