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Posted By Richard on July 20, 1998 at 16:31:14:

I was working out hard on the tread mill, and later I felt a sharp pain in what felt like my right testicle.  It went away however my right testicle swelled and I felt pains in what would seem to be my bladder.  I went to the Doctor and he gave my Biaxin for 10 days (2 pills).  I felt better though not completely free, though the medicine was gone.  It came right back, with a swollen right testicle.  I was then given 500 mg of Cephelix (Keflex) - 100 pills (4 times a day).  While I feel 90% better, and my testicle is normal again, I still experience some pain in what seems to be the bladder above my penis, below my belt line, and inside my body (in that area).  Is there any harm in continuing antibiotics?  Is it common for the pain to remain after the bacteria is gone (they found a coliform bacteria in a urinanalysis)?  Is this a stubborn bacteria?  
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