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Epididymitis? Something else?

Right, so, here are my symptoms:

Initial pain for the first 2-3 days in the right testicle. It's been 5 days - this is my third day on medication. That said, the pain had switched from constant and somewhat sharp to an on-and-off dull ache in day 2 - so it may not be necessarily anti-biotic related that it went away.

When masturbating, my semen usually alternated between silver and white. Now it's silver with chunks of white in it, which hadn't happened before the testicle started hurting. Likewise, my urine is cloudy.

A swollen, formerly painful "lump" at the bottom of the right testicle, which I'm a tad too afraid to touch, but when I last felt it it was quite soft and squishy - I'm likewise pretty sure it could move away from the testicle. Perhaps inflamed epididymis? I don't know.

The right testicle feels softer than the left one, feels much looser (I can breath in and the left one moves up - the right one only moves up when the testicles retract), feels generally thinner, and hangs significantly lower than the left one when sitting down (when laying on my back, it's the left one hanging slightly lower) in addition to often leaning "forward" when compared to the left one which seemingly constantly points slightly towards rather than away from my body.

Occasional (it periodically reappears and goes away) saggy flesh below both testicles, that I'm quite positive was never there before.

I went to see a doctor at one of those quick walk-in clinic places, he thinks it's likely epididymitis with a very low alternate possibility of torsion. He checked for a hernia, so it likely isn't that. I've been prescribed medicine (doxycycline) - the pain has largely gone away, but the lump is still there, and the semen and testicle weirdness likewise still persist.
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