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I had a vastectomy two years ago. Still working. Tubes cut and sealed. In April I got epididymitis. Started taking antibiotics but pain got gradually worse and peaked three weeks after starting the antibiotics. Three lots of different antibiotics over four weeks. Now I am in chronic low level pain. Scotum red and warm. Epididymis inflamed. Doctor has given up on me. Got a urology appointment in 7 months time! NHS for you. With my vas deferens being cut is there any chance of bacteria or other infection getting to the Epididymus via retrograde infection? I understand that viruses via the blood can cause it. Been married 7 years. No unprotected sex with anyone else. Basic tests for chylmedia and gonoreha done and negative. Any chance a bacteria could have been lurking in the epididymis for two years and just kicked it all off? 5 days before it all kicked off i
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Continued... 5 days before my testicles started hurting I was very constipated and had a quite traumatic half hour on the toilet. Strained far too hard etc.  Could this have caused it? I know about deferred pain but my scrotum is still imflammed. Would any tests for bacteria in my urethra be pointless as there is no way for it to get to my epididymis? Literally been given zero answers and left to it. Ice packs and snug underwear and feeling depressed.
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They won't get you in before 7 months? Dude, that stinks.  Any way to be a daily pest to see if they get an opening (it happens) that you can slide into?  I'd but them until they get you in.  Common to get epididymous after vasectomy but you didn't until 2 years later?  
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If pain gets worse I'll go to the doctor's but there is no way of communicating with the urolgy department direct. Worried what 7 months of an inflamed scortum will do long term damage wise. Yeah. Had vasectomy two years ago. Not sure how that effects everything. First thought was infection or reflux of urine but there's no way for the retrograde infection / reflux to occur since my vas deferens has been cut sealed. Then thought maybe I've had some bacteria lurking in the epidermis since before my vasectomy but don't know what the chances of it all kicking off now. So many questions.
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