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Dear Sir / Madam,

I have certain queries regarding EPIDIDYMO ORCHITIS. I request you to give your valuable suggestions.

A friend of mine was diagonised with Epididymo Orchitis. Initially there was urinary infection & later diagonised with Orchitis. DOXYCYCLINE ANTIBIOTIC was prescribed at the beginning. But there was no visible improvement in the situation.There is swelling in testicles. Right now, INTRA-VENOUS INJECTION MAGNEX FORTE 3g is being administered twice daily. TABLET DALACIN 300 mg is given thrice daily. It has become 5 days & still, as per Doctor's advise, the medicines need to be continued for another 3 to 5 days. The swelling has reduced by just 10%.

All the tests were performed - URINE CULTURE, RENAL PACKAGE, CBC, ULTRA SOUND. Ultra Sound indicated swelling in left testicles. Blood test indicated HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELLS COUNT. The tests also revealed NO PUS / ABCESS IN TESTICLES. URINE CULTURE indicated NO GROWTH of bacteria.

But still swelling has not reduced & it is much painful. Are the medicines prescribed above & the diagnosis performed, correct? Are there any further tests which needs to be performed? How long will it take to cure? Moreover will there be any side effects of such high intake of Antibiotics?

Please give your suggestions & opinions.

Thanks in advance.

With Best Regards,

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prescribed with magnex 1gm injection ofr uti for 4th week pregnant

c u e result 5-6% hpf pus cells, culture reveals that 10 cfu e coli grown on culture
sensitive to amikacin, piperacillin tazobactum,gentamycin, imipenem
moderate sensitive to gatifloxacin
resistant to amoxyclov,cefoperazone,tetra cyclin,cefixme

wheather magnex inj 1gm is safe in pregnancy
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