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Erectile Dyfunction after Ureter Stent Removal..

I got my kidney stones removed on Oct. 30th 2015 one thru a procedure called PCNL and the other from the ureter. A stent was placed in ureter for any leftover stones to pass out. Catheter was also put in for two days for urine to pass out. After the catheter was removed, I experienced very frequent urination problem.. about 30-35 times a day. The doctor removed the ureter stent on December 11, 2015. The removal was discomforting and I thanked God once it was out. The procedure took almost 10-12 minutes. Immediately on urination, observed blood mixed with urine and towards the end fresh blood being discharged.. all this with very acute pain in the uretha. On 3rd urination.. within 1 Hr of first one, I almost fainted due to pain and loss of blood at the end of urination. The doc gave me the painkiller and kept me at the day care. The subsequent urinations were a little less painful but fresh blood still discharged at the end of urination... (I feel while removing the stent, they damaged some blood vessel in the uretha) Even the Pyjama I was wearing had fresh blood stains. The doc gave some medicine (I believe some blood clotter and painkiller) and told us to keep a close watch and report back in case of emergency. For rest of the day, under the influence of painkiller, the pain during urination was bearable but the blood was still released at the end of urination. Next day morning.. the blood discharged was minimal and by afternoon it had stopped. Also by the evening the pain during the urination was also almost gone. But now after about 15 days, I am experiencing severe Erectile Dyfunction.. I have never faced this problem prior to this stone removal procedure. I feel the blood vessel damaged during stent removal has possibly stopped supplying blood into the penis.. Can some one suggest what could cause this problem ?
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I think it is more likely from having anesthesia or pain meds or from infection that needs to be treated.  If you have continued discomfort or blood with urination you will need antibiotics.  
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