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Erectile Dysfunction help

I am a 25 year old married male in decent physical shape. I am taking no prescriptions, have no diseases or health issues.However, I do have problems with erectile dysfunction. My wife and I have been married for 5 years now and our sexual relationship has gone down the drain. I still find her very attractive but I do not have near the desire to have sex with her like I did 4 years ago. We usually have intercourse maybe once a week and I can never stay fully erect during it.Furthermore, my energy levels are lower than ever and I frequently fall asleep at work. Stress levels are not too high and I exercise 4 times a week. I have noticed that I put on weight extremely easy even with a healthy diet and exercise.

I have seen an Urologist and Endocronologist a few times now. I have done multiple blood tests with both of them checking for all sorts of problems. They say everything returns 'normal' and the only thing that is a little 'low normal' is my total testosterone which averages around 300 (+/-20). The docs have told me that all my signs and symptoms would point to low testosterone but my levels are not low enough to warrant treatment. The Endo Doc even told me that giving me additional testosterone would not solve my problem because my free testosterone levels and related tests are in normal ranges. They both said I am pretty much out of luck with my problem.

I have tried viagra, levitra, etc.. but do not like the side effects they have on me. I do not believe a healthy 25 year old male should have these problems and I know my wife is starting to blame herself for it.

Do the Doctors opinions make sense? Would additional testosterone not do anything for me? Can anyone shed some light on possible solutions?
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I truly think your Doctors are going by old information.  Google the AACE Guidelines for 2002 and read Dr E. Shrippen's book "The Testosterone Syndrome"  The first is the current thinking on treating low Testosterone and is very technical (Intended for doctors) the second is more geared for the layperson and is very readable.

There is a chart that shows the average testosterone levels (by age) in the Files Section of


The chart shows that levels under 325 is where treatment (now) is indicated.  Its my impression that a lot of Labs are going by the old numbers.  I think at your age this level is very low indeed!  Maybe ok if you were 100+ years old but no way at 25.  Plus you seem to have (some of) the classic symptoms.  I suggest you do some reading and share what you find with your doctor(s) and ask them to help.
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Testosterone level can vary for a number of reasons and even depending on the lab performing the test. But, it's generally agreed that a level above 200 is "normal." I agree with your docs that supplemental testosterone probably won't help you.

You're probably too young for ED which is caused by penile atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries of the penis) which is what those meds are primarily used for.

One thing that can cause all of the symptoms you describe is depression. Your stress levels do not have to be "too high" with depression. It's caused by an imbalance in brain chemicals. You might want to explore this possibility with your primary care physician.
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