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Is it okay if I get erection harder than before? Like I can have it if I am actually trying my best to do it. Looking at anything that might trigger it randomly is not helping me achieve it faster. I feel the same way after I get to the main point of erectile penis. Just need help. Losing my sanity over my erection problems lately
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Not sure you're being clear.  You seem to indicate you are getting erections fine but sometimes they are harder than other times.  That's normal.  Erections depend on lots of factors, such as how turned on you are, how tired you are, how many times you've had sex in a short period of time, age, etc.  These are all normal.  When it's a problem is when you can't get one.  Best advice is, if you're able to get an erection, don't worry about how hard it is.  When things are working, don't try to fix what ain't broke.  The more you dwell on it, the more of a problem you will make it.  But if you are having a problem getting or keeping an erection, there can be physiological reasons for it having to do with blood flow, nitric acid levels, prostate problems, etc.  If you're young, which is what it sounds like, it's highly unlikely you'd have any of these problems and it would most often be psychological.  Sex isn't a contest, it's something we do to have offspring and because it feels good.  
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What if I dont feel sexual desire lately?
Don't have sex until you do.   Unless you're having an unexplained chronic lack of desire with your spouse or partner, our urges aren't always the same.  If it is chronic, are you depressed?  Anxious?  Anything happen recently that might have made you feel like this?  
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