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Ever hear of air bubbles in the urethra?

I have prostatitis a long time.  When becoming erect I often notice a curvature to my penis.  It bends downward not left or right as in peyronies desease.  Also, upon rigidity I sometimes feel air enter into my urethra.  That’s right air is sucked into my urethra.  I always immediately lose the erection and slowly, bit by bit, the air passed back out of the urethra.  Sometimes the air remains inside a day or two.  This is painful and immediately ends "the moment".  Also, frequently the day after sex or masturbation, I become constipated.  I know it sounds strange but this has gone on long enough that I know there is some correlation.  Has anyone heard of these problems before?  I visited doctors a long time ago to treat my enlarged prostate to no avail.  I gave up trying to fix this but now I try again.  Thanks for your attention.  
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The only association I have ever heard of with air plus urethra is in the case of a fistula from the anus to the bladder - intestinal gas comes from the anus through the fistula into the bladder, and thus you pass gas out of the penis.  Doesn't sound exactly like what you're describing, but I wonder if there's some sort of reverse flow where air is getting sucked into your urethra and goes into your anal canal.

You should go to the doctors with this new symptom and tell them you want to be checked for a fistula.

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Any changes in the character of the stools lately?

Are the stools blacker, associated with blood streaks or are they decreased in size ?

Also ,any change in urinary patterns?Any abdominal pain?

Any change in urinary character?

I suggest you seek consult with a urologist for a complete evaluation. A pelvic and abdominal scan may help rule out any abnormalities. In your case, a fistula ( a connection between two hollow organs ) may be present.This fistula may connect  the intestines and the bladder and this may cause air to be passed through the urethra during urination. A referral to a gastroenterologist may also be necessary.

A complete evaluation and close supervision are necessary for your case.

Have you had any history of abdominal trauma ?

Any previous history of repeated urinary tract infections?

Do keep us posted regarding physician's advise.
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Thank you.
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Hi.  Thank you for your response.  

I have no “change” in the character of my stools “lately”.  

No the stools are not blacker, unless I have a flare of colitis and some blood is present.  Yes stool is decreased in both thickness and length.  Some stools are pea sized, as if a small cat or rabbit had made them.  I’m a 155 pound six foot tall man.

Urinary pattern has been the same for ten years, every 2-3 hours while I sleep.  I have a sudden urgent need to urinate that is common with my enlarged prostate.  Abdominal pain only with colitis flares.  When I am constipated I have discomfort and a dull pain.  When I move if feels as if some invisible finger is poking in between my ribs. The discomfort is all over both front and back. Not painful like a colitis flare but discomfort.

No change in urinary character.

I visited many Doctors for these problems years ago.  They never mentioned a fistula.  The Doctors though it was a psychological problem, or said they said they didn’t know what to do.  Also, in order to diagnose ulcerative colitis I received an abdominal CAT scan, and then a colonoscopy one year ago.  Would these procedures detect a Fistula?      

No history of abdominal trauma.

No urinary tract infections.  I had three colitis flares that required antibiotics over the last nine years.

I spent a lot of money on these problems years ago and gave up.  I saw two gastroenterologists and six plus urologists.  I was circumcised by the first doctor, a Yale University Urologist.  Could the other Doctors have been afraid to treat me?   How do I get checked for a Fistula?  I already had an abdominal CAT scan, wouldn’t a Fistula have been visible, or is a specific type of CAT scan needed?  

Thank you.
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After sex or masturbation frequently I feel a tightness/sensation in my testicles.  As though my testicles were being pulled up into my body.  There is a lump that develops and the testicles are pulled up into this lump.  This is only visible immediately after sex or masturbation.  Could sex or masturbation, with an enlarged prostate, twist/partially strangulate my colon or make a Fistula?  If I’ve had a Fistula since 1994 wouldn’t I have had more than 3 infections?  

May a Fistula cause constipation or partial bowel strangulation and ED in men?

Thanks you again.
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I answered a few of the questions you asked in your last response and I was curious if you had any further input.

Thank you for your attention.

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This sensation of your testicles being pulled during sexual activity should not pose any worries.During sexual activity and as one reaches climax, the muscles contract.Your testicles are being pulled up by the cremaster muscle.When one is younger the cremaster reflex may be evident and stroking the inner thigh may show the testicles in that side slightly elevating.This reflex protects the testicles from injuries and at the same time protects the sperm.

However you have mentioned of a lump. A complete examination by a urologist will be able to help ascertain if this lump is caused by disease or is simply one of the normal structures within the scrotal sac.

With regards to the fistula,I do not think this will cause some torsion or twisting.A fistula is a simple connection between two hollow tubes.This may not be evident except for some overt signs like passing stools in the vagina as in the case of fistula between the intestines and vagina in women.

Yes, a fistula may increase the chance of infections.
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Hi again.

The lump I refer to is my testicles being drawn up by the cremaster muscle as you said.  Thank you for this information.  There is no lump I misspoke when I called it a lump.  

My main concern is the entire day "after" sex or masturbation, The Cremaster muscle pulls my testicles tight all day long and this is my “lump”.  This is not only uncomfortable but always coincided with constipation and sometimes leads to colitis flares.  I believe there is a connection here.  This tightness from the cremaster feels like my colon is being strangulated the day after sex because the cremaster muscle is constantly pulling tight.  Could the enlarged prostate gland and over active cremaster muscle be strangulating my colon?  

Since I have no urine in the rectum and no feces in the urethra I don't think I have a complete Fistula connecting intestines and urethra. Could I have a "partial" Fistula between the Urethra and the Prostate area that does not connect the intestines and urethra?  Perhaps a small tear like a hernia that would NOT be noticed in a normal hand physical exam by a Doctor?   I suggested I had a hernia to my Doctor and he gave me the cough test and he had his hand upon the spot of discomfort.  He said no hernia.  But this was on a day when my cremaster was not pulling tight all day long.

Please remember that air enters through the urethra (sucks in upon rigidity) and leaves back out through the urethra.  The airs path is in and out via the tip of urethra.  The air leaves gradually as the prostate and penile tissues shrink back to their normal state ( I lose the erection).

I have two symptoms.

Thank you again.  Especially about the cremaster explaination.  It was very useful.
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