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Extreme pain after kidney stone remove with stent

I had outpatient kidney stone surgery, removal of a 3 mm. stone.  I was sent home.  About an hour and a half later I
got pain 10x worse than the stone pain, and began urinating what looked like pure blood.
After unsuccessful attemps to reach the dr that did the surgery my husband took me to the ER.  
The ER doctor gave me pain meds and did an Xray and admitted me to the hospital.  The next morning my surgeon came in furious with me, and told me that there was no reason for me to be having such pain, and told me that my pain thresh hold must be very low.  When I asked if it might be the stent that was causing the pain, he said no...but if I wanted him to take it out he would.  I asked him what was the right thing to do..since I was not a Dr, I didnt know...he told me it was up to me.  I stayed in the hospital with pain and still passing bloody urine for 2 days...then I passed a two inch straw like piece of tissue.  It was sent to pathology.  After that I began to feel better, but still have quite a bit of discomfort and use pyridium round the clock with occassionally darvocet.  What could have been wrong?  Why was my surgeon so unsympathic?  Now I am afraid to get the stent out until I get the report from pathology.  I am afraid that what I passed was a huge chunk of my ureter?  
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"Complications associated with ureteral stenting include:

    * bleeding (usually minor and easily treated, but occasionally requiring transfusion)
    * catheter migration or dislodgement (may require readjustment)
    * coiling of the stent within the ureter (may cause lower abdominal pain or flank pain on urination, urinary frequency, or blood in the urine)
    * introduction or worsening of infection
    * penetration of adjacent organs (e.g., bowel, gallbladder, or lungs)"

It is possible that there was a small obstruction of the stent that caused such severe flank pain.
Rushing to the ER was the right thing to do in view of the serious  complications possible after ureteral stenting.

Everyone has individual pain tolerance levels and there is no reason to be agitated over an individual patient's response to pain.

It is your doctor's duty to inform you and advice you on the options open to you and helping you deal with post-operative pain is also part of his duty.

It would be best to wait until the report from pathology before deciding on interventional manoevers.

try to go easy on the pain medications where possible.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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I had the same exact thing!! I had surgery to remove a stone and a stent put in. The night after the surgery the pain was unbelievable! I called the Dr. and agaist his wishes removed the stent. * note I can not take narctic painkillers* On the way home the pain was worse and worse. By about 10 pm my husband took me to the E.R. after he found me half passed out with blood between my legs and vomit all over me. The E.R. dr. told me that the kidney was backed up with fuild and that I had infection. Due that that I was admited to the hospital. Should note it was the E.R. dr. who called my Dr.not me. The next day when my Dr. came to see me the first thing he said to me was "I am not at your beckon call" and " I was making and big deal out of the pain" I have had several surgeries so I know what pain is. I was in so much pain I had a sucidal thought run through my mind and that is not like me I love life! So he told me he wanted toput the stent back in because I would heal better but the the pain would be the same. He did put the stent back in but didn't even talk to my husband after the surgery. I spend 4 days in the hospital and now at home. The stent comes out on the 26th but it is still painful and if I do any activity I hurt bad and then start bleeding. I am on a synthic pain killer which helps. To be honest I am afraid of my Dr. the way he treated me and my husband was bad. I was sent to him by my reg. Dr. and now I have to deal with him becuse he started this. I really want to go to someone else but Im not sure I can since he has started this. Of all my Dr.s I have never had one treat me this way and I go out of my way to NOT be a pain to them. Anyway I am sorry I'm venting... I hope things go well for you and hope you will post and let us know!
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I had a kidney stone removed surgically. First off i shattered my femur two years ago in a parachuting accident so i know pain. When i got home the pain was so intense from urinating i vomitted several times that day and the next. the pain going into the third day is still severe and i am having a large amount of blood in my urine still. I cannot pass a stool still it hurts to sit on the toliet and try i am taking pain meds and they only help a little.This *****
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I'm 54 and had first 5.6 mm kidney stone - June 22nd, surgery - 8/5 - stent removal - 8/8/11.  This might help others / it helped me dealing with the painful agony:

Severe Pain - drink lemon juice (no sugar) straight, drink tons of water or water with lemon. Take anti-inflammatory pill (relieve swelling) and prescribed pain killer.  I was prescribed:  Oxycodone, Meperitab and Ondansetron.  Ondansetron worked best for me but it had a mix of anti-inflammatory med mixed in.  Then I laid on a heating pad (low setting) and slept.  I alterated it with ice on my back, too.  The heat and the ice seemed to numb the pain on my back.  Be careful with painkillers - they can be addicting.

Moderate Pain - drink lemon juice (no sugar) straight and take over the counter anti-inflammatory pill (relieve swelling).  Sit in hot (as tolerated) bath.  Drink water or lemon water.  Use ice and heat on back - alterating to rellieve pain.

When the pain is so bad, I was vomiting and doctor prescribed nausea med.  It seemed that the pain came on suddenly with the movement of the stone and the damage it did.  I could tell my back was swollen and puffy.  When my husband pulled the stent out (string on outside), I had one day of complete agony with spasms / sheer pain which was over when I following the Severe Pain Method.  After a couple of hours of constantly drinking water / lemon juice / pain meds / anti-inflammatory meds / heating pad, the pain passed.

I hope this helps someone - I do feel your pain.  My kidney stone problems started when I didn't drink enough water when I was working outdoors in 100+ temps.  I was misdiagnosed on 4 different ER visits for dehydration.  The IVs they gave me set me right until the next ER visit.  On the 5th ER visit, someone finally ordered x-ray and found the kidney stone.  I've found hydration the key.  Hope you find this helpful.
Wow.    I've had 6 extractions in the last 6 years.    Just had 1 today with a 8 and 6 size stone.    Went into both kidneys with a stent in both sides.   I am a mailman and I cannot work until stents r out.   My surgeon pulls them out in week.   I can't image having them any longer.    I am 58 by the way
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That's horrible.  I think any doctor that puts in invasive stuff like that should have to get it done themselves.   I bet their bed side manners would be a lot better.   They can't understand the pain.    Doctors are suppose to be sympathetic.  My dr. Gave me his cell number after my procedure because he didn't like the way I looked after.  Luckily didn't need it.  You need another dr.  They should not be allowed to hold you captive because they started the procedure.   I didn't notice the date of your post, but, hope you are feeling better.
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I had the same experience after I had my stones blasted.GET THE STENT TAKEN OUT!!!! The doctor is a jerk for treating you like that. I was asked why I just didn't take it out myself!! I had to go back to the emergency department after the surgery because the pain was so bad. I feel for you but get it taken out as soon as possible. I hope that you feel better soon.
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Christopher Adams of mason city Iowa has the best... Had my stent places yesterday he was very kind and passionate about his work. Still having discomfort as I was prepared for by my doctor some bleeding but definitely not throwing up stomach acid and blacking out from the pain any longer i was blessed with an amazing Harvard graduate Dr Adams not much not i can offer as I'm still in the beginning of my process.
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