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Hi, I'm 16, almost 17, and i got folliculitis on my scrotum two weeks ago. I've been taking antibiotic creams, such as Bactroban, for the past two weeks, and it has been helping, but whenever an infected hair follicule heals up, it seems a blister appears, then when the blister goes away, another blister appears. If the antibiotics don't work, is there any other things i should consider? Like, laser removal or draining?
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Can you elaborate on the blister? Folliculitis usually presents with a pimple like lesion caused by an inflamed or infected hair follicle.  This usually resolves on its own and has a tendency to recur. Topical antibiotic and warm compresses may help. However, have this evaluated further for proper management and to rule out other causes such as boils, herpes or other skin conditions.  Direct clinical examination is important to determine the underlying cause.

Take care and keep us posted.
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hi there i have folliculitis as well and i was wondering if you new or had any suggestion on how to remove the scars. After the bumps go away they leave dark spots im wondering will i need to have cosmetic surgery its embarrassing and i want them removed any suggestions. ps i have been able to control my outbreaks with an antibiotic.thanks
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sorry about your issue i heard it is painful to deal with. I know some one with folliculitis and they say the same thing when one goes away another comes out. what antibiotics you take for it?
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nvm, it was actually scabies. had to get rid of it with 2 uses of Kwellada-P. bleh, it makes your skin peel. as for the scars, i think they're healing, but very slowly
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