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Follow up on previous question re: nephrostomy

Please see the previous question I posted regarding my father's kidney condition. I received a response from Dr. Rajiv Goel a little while back, and this question is a follow up to that. I posted a comment but did not receive a response and so wanted to re-post as a question.

My father underwent a percutaneous nephrostomy a few weeks ago to alleviate his UPJ obstruction. He is contemplating further surgery. He is otherwise healthy and continuing to go to work. Investigations of his blood and urine are normal. However, he has been complaining about excessive tiredness after routine daily work, since his nephrostomy procedure.

Could you kindly advise on whether his tiredness is related to the nephrostomy procedure in any way?

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Dear urologyquestion2011,

Thanks for writing back.

Tiredness is probably not related to his Nephrostomy procedure.

I would suggest you to get his blood counts ( TLC, DLC) done to see whether he is having any infection subsequent to the procedure and it may be the cause of his tiredness.

I would like to know how much urine he is producing through nephrostomy?

Hope that this information helps.

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Best Regards
Dr. Rajiv goel
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