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Foreskin colour change & cyst
Last year a small cyst developed under my foreskin, and it has persisted since then. Above the cyst there has also been a colour/texture change on the foreskin in a distinct area. It has been a year and I'm sure the size of both the cyst and texture change have both been increasing slowly. They're painless and I can't really feel it unless I masturbate, and it causes the cyst to be slightly irritated at times. I've been to the GP but for some reason he thinks its normal.

I'm 21, and I haven't been sexually active in the past 3 years... so I'm really curious as to what this could be.
Heres a picture... any help would be great. I cant seem to attach images so I'll link:

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Dear tjin,

Thanks for posting your query.

I have gone through your pictures and history.

The red plaque could be simply thickened skin or a fungal infection. If it is accompanied by itching or scaling, it is more likely that it is a fungal infection. If it is not, a local steroid cream would help. You need to stop touching and feeling the area. A local anti-fungal cream may also help. The cyst can be a sebaceous cyst and there is nothing that needs to be done about it. However, for cosmetic reasons, you want to get it removed surgically.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Dr. Rajiv Goel
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