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Foul Urine Smell

For several months now, my urine has been having an unbelievably terrible odor. I have read so many posts about people experiencing various pee smells described as popcorn or maple syrup, etc. I am talking about something way disgusting, way beyond any food odors. When I first started noticing it, I blamed it on some medication that I was taking but that has been finished months ago allowing plenty of time for total metabolization from my system. It does not matter whether it is first morning voiding or whenever. The stench is so bad that my daughter will not even use my bathroom any longer.

I have a history of kidney stones and bladder and kidney infections but have tested negative on urinalysis. I do have issues with retention and difficulty emptying my bladder but once again test ok for any infections. I also do not have any STD's.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you.
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Belive or not certain foods can cause a stench in your urine. First of all I would try drinking more fluids, typically 1/2 an ounce of water per pound eg, 100 lbs 50 oz a day. Second one common smelling vegetable is asparragus, so if you are eating them a lot they are the culprit. You can also try AZO which is used to help eleviate UTI pain but it is an antiseptic for the bladder try it for 3 days. Finally not all bacteria give positive nitrite results so consider seeing your PCP for further evaluation.
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My diet is just a very basic, boring, non stinky diet. I don't eat asparagus or any other of the typical culprits for causing stinky pee. I drink plenty of water, don't do drugs, etc.

I don't have any bladder discomfort and I have plenty of experience with UTI's and know what to expect with typical UTI's. Taking all of this into account just further leaves me puzzled.

I have some syptoms that can mimic Lupus and wonder if auto immune diseases can irritate the bladder, kidneys or anything else that can cause such terrible, offensive odor.
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