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Frenulum removal during circumcision revision

I was circumcised several years back and now i have loose saggy skin and discomfort.
I was tight cut normal cut with some inner foreskin left and frenulum cut in half and stitched,but not removed.
Decided for a corrective surgery with a low light cut and complete frenulum removal.
I dont have any further doubts regarding low cut where all inner foreskin will be removed.
Its only about frenulum removal.As it is, i have only half the original length of frenulum before the cut and i dont have any''special feeling'' there.Most of what i feel and enjoy is from the glans and inner skin.
There are many articles on onset of PE after circumcision due to presence of frenulum.
Also there are many first hand experiences where people have not experienced any ''reduction or change'' in feeling after frenulum removal.
So here are my options for you to please choose from..This poll is only for the frenulum part.
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Tell me what the actual poll is again? You are deciding if you should remove your frenulum or you already have?  It's a good question so I want to participate!
Yes,the poll is- whether to keep the frenulum or not.

I still have about half frenulum left of the first circ which happened many yrs back.

Now i am going for a corrective surgery to have a low tight cut by choice and i want the frenulum fully gone for the foll reasons.

1. Ive read it can cause PE due to tugging on glans.
Now this tugging  might happen to me as iam trying to reduce the skin and make it further tight.

2. Ive also read there is a skin triangle underneath the frenulum that actually gives the extra pleasure.

3. From numerous articles,many folks who ve had their frenulum completely removed have reported no  loss of pleasure.

4. There is no scientific proof that pleasure is lost after removal.

So the poll is whether to keep what s left or to remove it completely.

I stand to have the frenulum  fully removed and make my glans completely free.
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