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Frequent Urinating

Since September of '07 I've been having problems with my bladder. It feels like a mixture of Overactive Bladder and Urge Incontinence. I do not have health insurance so have only been to the ER once, and they didn't know what it was. It goes away and comes back several times during a month, never in a set schedule. There is no burning, itchiness or any symptoms of a UTI with this.

Lately I have been going more frequently (like today I have been to the bathroom about 8+ times since aroud 7am) always with a full bladder, even if I have not had anything to drink. Accompanying it sometimes is nausea even when I'm just drinking water.

Might it be a stress problem or something more serious? My father went out of state for six days, which the problems disappeared, but returned when he did.
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Are you anxious over something ?

Psychogenic factors may also affect urinary patterns. If you have been under much stress lately, if there are changes in your sleep schedule , in your relationships at work or at home, then these condition may be contributing to what you presently have.

However, before considering psychogenic factors, we need to rule out other structural or physiological causes of you symptoms. Urinary tract infections and hormonal problems need to be ruled out.

Do you have any thyroid problems?

What other associated signs and symptoms do you have?

Is there any associated headaches or abdominal pain?

Do you wake up at night to urinate? If yes, how many times?
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I have had a great deal of stress lately. Trying to move out, getting a better paying job with benefits, dealing with my father.

For thyroid problems, I haven't had any in the past, so I'm not truly sure.

There is sometimes pains or aches on my sides or in the bladder region when I urinate. Clear fluid, no blood.

Sometimes I will get headaches, but they are rare. Abdominal pain is more frequent however.

Maybe 8-9 times during the night I will be woken up with the need to urinate.
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Thanks for the update. Based on what you have posted, this may be a case of  urinary tract infection, an urge incontinence, kidney stones and interstitial cystitis.

I suggest that you have this assessed by a urologist. There may be psychogenic factors playing here as you have mentioned of a few yet very significant stressors lately. This may contribute to your condition and could have even aggravated the problem.

A complete urologic evaluation is necessary. Your physician may request for a kidney, ureter and bladder scan as well as a baseline urinalysis. Management will rely on the results of your examinations.

I hope you are better now. Are there other associated symptoms?

Any fever, headaches, nausea and vomiting?

Have you been assessed by a physician before?
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