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Frequent Urination

About 2 yrs ago i had a burning sensation and other problems, i consulted a doctor and he found out i had a UTI, i took antibiotic Cipro and it improved considerably. After a short while i started having the urge to go to the bathroom a lot, most of the time only a little urine would come out. I had a check for kidney stones, there werent any. Ive seen a bunch of doctors, before my urine test used to have a little blood. Recently that has not been the case. Most of the time i feel like there's urine in the shaft of my penis and i have to go to the bathroom several times, sometimes a lot of urine comes out, im trying to drink less liquids. I have to urinate frequently in small bursts, i can control it sometimes, but at night when i try to go to sleep i cant hold it. I have this feeling that my penis is constantly trying to eject the liquid, it's hard to explain but its like there's pressure. I recently had an achographie which showed a pblem in emptying. My doctor has given me Xatral XL, but i feel like there is some bacteria or something in the shaft of the penis, its a difficult problem, i think if Xatral fails ill ask for antibiotics. I dont know what to do b/c it seems like this problem is hard to detect. Do you think a cystoscopy would help?
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I feel you’re suffering from stress incontinence and a cause for the same needs to be searched. A cystoscopy can always be done to look for any local causes for the same. An infection in the prostate could be a culprit in the same. Hence, a rectal examination can also help in picking up the chronic prostatitis which can give rise to the symptoms which you’ve mentioned. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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If the above suggestions do not work it is possible that you have Interstitial cystits.
The iCA just recently put out a new brochure on IC and Men since this is often misdiagnosed in men.  We actually have an IC support network on this forum as well:

You might want to consider a referral to a pelvic pain PT.  They are often able to rule out and pelvic issues, muscular etc. that doctor's are not trained to look for.


The expert forum where you can actually ask the doctor here on Medhelp is here also:

If you need more help please feel free to contact me.  I am support group leader for MOARK IC, and we also have a website with articles and info on IC as well as links to other IC organizations.

Good luck!

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