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Frequent Urination

Since the last 5 days, i have been experiencing frequent urination. After i pass urine, i feel the urge to pass urine again after half hour or hour. Initially, there was slight burning when passing urine but not anymore. I got urine test done but it shows no infection. One month ago, i got digestive problems and acidity and doctor gave me Zantac for that and i was fine within a week. Now ocassionally, i experience acidity and burning in stomach so i avoid fried foods. I do not understand why i am experiencing frequent urination. It all started after i masturbated 5 days ago. Does it have to do with masturbation? I have also been very stressed out recently. Does it have do with stress? Doctor says its just a temporary thing and if there was any infection, it would have shown up in the urine report. Please help! I am urinating almost every hour or one and a half hour
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From the symptoms it looks like urinary tract infection. Urinary tract (which consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and the urethra) infections are very common in young women. Symptoms of UTI are frequent urination, burning sensation during urination, passing of blood in urine and even fever.

The most common causes of repeated UTIs are kidney stones and diabetes mellitus. Women who are sexually active, who use diaphragms for birth control, and/or are past menopause are at an increased risk for urinary tract infections. Making a diagnosis of a urinary tract infection includes performing a urinalysis test, which checks for the presence of pus, white blood cells, and bacteria in the urine, which point to a urinary tract infection. A urine culture and sensitivity is usually performed to find the exact microorganism.

Till then you should drink plenty of water.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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Thank you for your response. But if it was a UTI it would have shown up in the urinalysis. There were no pus cells or red blood cells, just 2 white blood cells were found, which i think is normal? Is it possible that the UTI is mild so it doesnt show up in the urinalysis?
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