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Frequent Urination

I am 30 yr old male . I have frequent urination since 2 months. KUB, urine analysis, urine culture and diabtic tests have been done. No infections were found. I had white discharge thrice in this two months. And burning sensation after ejaculation. The problem gets worst once ejaculated.some times urine passes as two streams. One with thinnner stream and other as a drops.(not always this stream). Consulted one good doc and he said it is prostate infection only which may not refelct in any of the tests. Asked me to take antibiotics for one month and past 11 days i am taking it. The frequency is 12 to 16 times a day . Kindly advise if i have to go for further treatment
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You do have a Prostate infection.. it could be BPH (  Benign prostatic hyperplasia) or     Prostatitis.. Do you drink a lot of beers
No idont drink. I dont know what happened. It was all of sudden. Prostatitis will not reflect in any of the tests?
Same for me my doc told me that I have BPH n a yeast infection.. I been tested for everything I been to my regular doc n to the er more then once n went the specialist
If its yeast infection, and prostatitis, it will show in any other urine tests? Thats what my querry is. And can it gwt cured completely or things will be like this always?
Yeast infection won’t show in ur urine n about the prostatitis they would have to run more test.. yeast infection can be cured but prostatitis can be cured just treated with medication they are still trying to figure it out it’s had to treat it because they are different kinds of prostatitis
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As the others have said, it does sound like it could be a prostate infection or prostatitis. There are 2 kinds of prostatitis, one is definitely known to be caused by a bacterial infection, but there's another type where no bacteria or other infectious agents are found, yet the prostate is swollen & irritated. I would follow the Dr's orders for now, but just be aware that some types of prostatitis can be very difficult to get rid of, may take continued treatment for a few months. Good luck, hope you find a cure...
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