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Frequent urination & unintentional weight loss HELP!

36Yrs old male, sufferring from unintentional weight loss and frequent high volume urination approximately every one hour.

I eat 4 to 6 time a day but still suffering from weight loss and frequent urination.
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Get checked for diabetes. See your Doctor.
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Frequent urination and unintentional weight loss are classic signs of diabetes. See Dr as soon as possible for bloodwork. Also you can purchase a glucose meter at any pharmacy to check before then. But you will need a Dr to tell you if it is def diabetes or not.
Hi, I am already diabetic, can you still continue to lose weight if still your diabetis is not controlled?
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ScaredOfDisease -I am already diabetic, can you still continue to lose weight if still your diabetis is not controlled?
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Yes. That's how many people find out they are diabetic. From frequent urination and weight loss. You should be on a special diet, low carb. Are you type 1 or type 2? You may need to adjust diet. If you are not on meds or insulin, you may need to start. If you are already on meds, they may need to be adjusted. Do you have a glucose meter? How have your readings been?
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Type 2, I am on med 1000mg per day Glucopage but I stop almost one month when I notice my weight is going down. I did not consult doctors yet.
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Do you have a glucose meter? What's your morning and post meal numbers? If you don't have a meter, CVS has a great one if you have a CVS near you. The CVS Advanced Meter. The strips are very cheap. And it's very accurate. If you don't have a CVS near you, Walmart has the ReliOn Prime Meter. It's not as accurate as the CVS one in my opinion, but very affordable. You need to consult with your Dr ASAP. Your meds may need adjusting. I'd ask for a prescription for a meter too. You need to know what your sugar levels are daily. If he won't give a prescription for a meter, get one of the ones I listed above. They are affordable and will give you an idea of what your sugars are doing. Please see Dr ASAP. If you are losing weight and urinating that frequently, Id suspect your sugars are out of control. You don't wanna mess with that. It can cause all kinds of complications. If you can get meds, diet, and exercise right, you can live a normal life. Please see your Dr ASAP.
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BTW, never change your med dosage without Dr orders. You need to see him/her regularly and have regular bloodwork done to make sure you keep diabetes under control. If symptoms change, always see your Dr before changing anything you are doing.
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Just wondering if you ever saw your Dr? Curious how you made out.
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