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Frequent urination and Antibiotics

I have a long story, but a question . I had this urinary problem about 4 years ago where I woke up all night about every 15 minutes to go to the bathroom. I called my doctor the next day and had a blood and urine test, but no infection showed up so I was put on Levaquin anyway for a month. The problem seemed to go away after about a day or two. I then had it relapse here about last october exact same thing as far as I can tell very frequent urination all night so again I went into my family doctor and I think they put me on a week supply of Cipro or Levaquin I can not remember. Here I did a big NO NO and I only took about 4 of the 7 pills and since I started to feel better I saved 3 pills for a rainy day. ( Huge Mistake).  The problem seemed to go away but then slowly start to show it ugly head again.
Then at Christmass time it relapsed again (all night urination) so I took the other 3 Cipro or Leavaquin over 2-3 days time but I did not seem to get much better and have been fighting this thing now ever since Christmas. Since I did not take near enough antibiotics in October and December I am wondering if the infection I might have (if I have one) has really dug in this time (it probably had 4 months to do so) so it seems to be much more difficult to get rid of it. Here about 3 weeks ago another bad all night  flare up that is still hanging with me. I was put on Leavaquin again but I was not showing any results whatsoever  so I gave up on it after about 5-6 days.
I then made an appointment with another Urologist and he thinks it could possibly be Prostitis so he has put me on Sulfa/trimethoprin and said I needed to take it for a minimun of one month, and he said it could be two weeks to a month before I would see any results.
When we run urine or blood test there never is any infection that shows up, but there never has been anytime I have this problem, however I do think there is some forms of Prostitis that will not show an infection from a standard urine or blood test.
I am starting to think that since I did not take my antibiotics like I was suppose to in October that this so called infection I might have might have built up a resistance to Levaquin and this is why it was not working, however I do not think it would have built up any resistance to Sulfa/trimethoprin ( my new antibiotic) since I have never taken that antibiotic before.
My urologist said it could take up to a month for this to kick in, and I never did explain all the story to him that you are reading up above. I thought of it of course after I left his office.
I thought a month sounded like a long time to get ahold of this infection, so I am just looking for some answers.
I had my kidneys checked with dye and they check out fine, I also had a Cystoscopy last week and my bladder lining looks fine, but since my bladder is irritated right now I wanted to die during that cystoscopy test.
Also I never have any burning in my urine, but I do have a difficult time starting, and it wants to stop mid stream a lot.
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Chronic prostatitis can be difficult to treat - and sometimes may require extended courses of antibiotics.  

I would have a urologist do a prostatic massage, and send any fluid off for analysis and culture.  

A transrectal ultrasound can be considered to image the prostate for any signs of abscesses.  

I would also be tested for metabolic diseases like thyroid disease or diabetes which can also cause increased urinary frequency.

These options can be discussed with your urologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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