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Frequent urination with pain

I've had a problem for three months and it is driving me crazy with worry, anxiety and lack of sleep. I have this frequent need to urinate, but I don't have a need to rush to the bathroom when the feeling comes on. What happens is that I feel discomfort - a sort of pain and a feeling of pressure in the lower part of the bladder which comes on as the bladder starts to fill (at least, that's what it feels like) - urinating relieves the discomfort in the bladder, but then the discomfort/pain soon comes back and I need to go again (usually at least once an hour). I wake up in the night with the same sensation and need to go about once an hour to relieve it. Sometimes just a few drops come out, but even that relieves the discomfort. If I drink lots and lots of water, the bladder fills normally and the urine stream is normal and there is no hesitancy, though there is still the same pain. There is hesitancy if when I go there is only a little amount of urine. I don't have any incontinence. I am an anxious person, and this situation seems to have come on after a period of depression. I had similar but less serious problems before that, with wanting to go but nothing or hardly anything coming out, but then there was no discomfort in-between going - now there is and it is making it x10 worse. All the tests so far have proved negative - I don't have any urine retention problems and all urine samples were clear of infection or protein. All blood tests have been normal, except slightly raised liver enzyme due to drinking alcohol (which I have now stopped). My doctor says my prostate is normal size (he did a physical examination only). . I have tried a number of medications, including various antimuscarinics, all to no avail. In fact, the antimuscarinics make things worse because they make me go less but don't relieve the pain - only voiding relieves the pain. I am seeing a urologist next month, but I would like more information in advance of seeing him please.

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