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Frostbite on glans

I hurt my penis from rubbing too hard, and then today I put an icepack directly on it.  It started to burn, and it took me 5 seconds before I got it off.  The penis head was blue, and then I ran to put it in warm water for 20 min.  It now burns and is yellowish.  It's still cold, and I have to keep it warm.  Do I need to run to the ER?
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Dear bluefrost78,

Thanks for your query.

You seem to have inflicted a lot damage to your penis- physical trauma followed by cold and hot exposure. After exposure to cold you should have slowly warmed your penis rather than subject it to warm water.

You should certainly go to the ER and see a doctor. I would suggest you to apply moisturizing cream on to the affected area till you see the doctor.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Rajiv Goel.
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Hello sir,

my name is pavan..i had right ingunal hernia operation in 2007.now i am getting pain in left side of the penis....can u suggest me what could be the reason...
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