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Funiculitis(Spermatic cord thickening)

I am having pain in my right testis so i went to My General Physician.After checking Scrotam,He thought that it is Acute Epididymitis but it is not due to STD.He asked me to do USG of Scrotam,Micro Filarial Parasite (3 Days at 12AM),CBC,Urine Routine and Creatine test.

Doctors Conclusions:
1.Acute Epididymitis

And started Following treatment before test result comes.

1.Clavam 625      ---2 times X 5 Days
2.Hetrazan 100    ---3 times X 21 Days
3.Enzoflam        ---2 times X 5 Days
4.Drego D         ---2 times X 5 Days

Now @ 4th day my test result came and as mentioned below
USG Report: Both testes show normal size and shape with homogeneous echogenesity,Which is equal on both sides.No focal infective or neoplastic lesion is seen.No significant thickening of epididymus was seen.
Right spermatic cord is thickend and more ecogenic than normal.Increased vascularity is seen in cord at rest.
Mild reactive hydrocel is present on right side.The scrotal skin appears normal with no thickening.

Impression:Findings suggestive of Funinculitis-Rt Spermatic cord.
Creatinine:  1.23 mg/dl             Ref range (0.40 -1.40)
Micro Filarial Parasite (3 Days at 12AM) -----Microfilarial not seen
Urine Routine

Physical Examination:
Colur                   :Pale Yellow
Apperance               :Slightly Hazy
Specific gravity :1.015

Chemical Examination
Rection(PH) :6.5
Albumin :Present +
Sugar :Absent
Ketones :Absent
Urobilinogen :Normal
Billrubin :Absent
Blood :Pesent +

Microscoic Examination
Pus Cell :Occassional
Red Blood Cells :3-4 /hpf
Epithelial Cells :1-2 /hpf
Crestals :Absent
Yeast Cells :Absent
Protozoa :Absent
Bacteria :Absent
Blood Test

WBC Test

WBC :11.2 H 10^3/mm^3     Normal Range (4.0 - 11) ----This is high
LYM% :17.0 L%       Normal Range (20 - 45)----This is low
MON% :3.3    %             Normal Range (2.0 - 10)
GRA% :79.7   H%       Normal Range (40.0 -75)----This is high

RBC Test

RBC :5.98 10^6/mm3      Normal Range (3.8 - 6.5)
HGB :16.1 g/dl      Normal Range (12.0 - 6.5)

PLT   :219 10^3/mm3
81 16

After seeing this reports doctor said this is due to Urine Infection and
added Amikacin 500 mg once in a day for 5 Days...

and Same treatment extended up to next 10 Days..

Today is 9Th day of treatment and pain has been reduced to 70-80% and Swellen of Spermatic cord also reduced to 50%.

Still i am feelig tenderness is present and not reduced 100%.

Pl advice

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Hi there!

It would normally take some time after completion of the antibiotic course for the inflammation to subside completely and to experience complete relief. Since the pain has reduced by 70-80% it should be considered a positive sign. I would suggest seeking a review with your treating urologist to make sure the infection is under control. If there are still signs of infection, the treatment may further be extended.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Hello SIR,
Thanks for your reply.

Today is 20th day and still my urologist kept me on half dose of clavam 625 and levoflox 250 twise a day for another 5 days.

Already i have taken Clavam 625 for 13 days and enzoflam for 20 days twise a day,5 injections of Amikacin and 7 Days of Saril twice a day.

Swellen of Spermatic cord also reduced to 80% but still burning after urination.

Pls advice can we take LEVOFLOX and CLAVAM at a time and how many days it will take to recover me ...
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Have u got relief from above treatment. Please let me know, i am also suffering from same problem
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I am suffering from same problem. This comes every 2 years then when i undergo treatment, things will be fine. But now i fear because my flaccid is gets smaller and i am unable to get erection. Doctor has said to wear tight underwear and drink lots of water with medication.
I am having same problem as u and doctor has suggested the same thing. Have you recovered since then ?
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