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Go to Er or wait?

Hi,  I have a 13mm kidney stone.  I was out of town on business last week and went to the ER on September 11 in pain.  Following CT they told me 13mm stone and admitted me to the hospital.  The urologist inserted a stent to keep the stone from blocking my ureter because he said it showed some inflammation.  I have had worse pain from the stent than I did before they inserted it.  They sent me home with a prescription for Darvocet because most of the other meds make me very nauseated.  They also gave me a script for Prosed but I turned that down because it is very expensive even with insurance.

I am a flight attendant so I had to call in sick for my trip this week because I am in constant pain and also because we can't fly while taking narcotics.  My urologist cannot get me in for lithrotripsy surgery until September 27.  Is this normal to keep a patient in severe pain this long...from September 11 to September 27?   The urologist when I was out of town was able to insert a stent on a Sunday night at almost 8 PM.  He also said he could do a lithrotripsy any day that week but that he didn't want me to do it there because I didn't have friends or family in that town to go home to.  Here where I live the hospital my urologist is affiliated with seems to only perform this surgery on Mondays and that is it.  I'm wondering if I should go to an ER at a different nearby hospital that my insurance also covers.  Do you think they would do the lithrotripsy sooner?  I dont' know if they will do it now because I did also start my menstrual cycle yesterday.  Which is making things worse, too.  I'm sick of all this pain and don't want to keep taking this Darvocet all the time right now either.  It is making me feel nauseated now and also very edgy and anxious.  Should I go to the ER and do you think they will do surgery to get this stone out or wait another whole week in pain for the scheduled lithrotripsy.  I called my urologist office on Friday and today, Monday, and they have not returned my calls yet.  Please advise.
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I notice that a dr came on an answered a bunch of other questions but skipped mine although mine was asked hours ago.  How do the drs on this site decide who to answer.  Seems disappointing,  Is this site affiliated with Cleveland clinic?  
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