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Please advise me, I have done the stupidist thing today.  I have been off work the last 3 days, my partner at work thank goodness (we work together), a friend and I decided we would have a competition, to see who could wait the longest for a wee.  I last went at 12 noon, we both had gallons of water, cups of coffee, our lunch etc, by 4pm I was absolutely bursting and was crossing my legs.  I managed it till 6pm then had to go, we both videod each other to see who was peeing for the longest, I won but the agony when going was unbelievable, I was peeing for 2 and a half minutes and after I thought i'd finished there was more for another half a minute.  Then 5 minutes later i had to dash again and nearly wet myself, I was actually in tears it was so painful and since then all evening i have been wanting to go badly and can only dribble.  When my partner got home from work he was telling me about his day, we had a bath together and got intimate after, I had to stop half way for a wee which is unlike me and he noticed.  He would kill me if he knew what I did and I had to delete the videos (silly me for doing it), I know I should know better, Im 41 years old, my partner is 51 and very sophisticated so this sort of thing would annoy him.  He was puzzled as to why we had to stop our love making as like I said it is unlike me, I just brushed it off and he was ok but my main worry now is have I damaged myself, if so I would have to own up, or worse still god forbid my friend will NOT put the video on the internet!  

Do you think I may have done some damage, I am typing this while Neil is in bed asleep but we will be going into work tomorrow and he will notice my dashes to the loo - help.

Desperate xxx
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