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Hard and swollen testicle.”
The problem is with my left testicle (within the scrotum) so I would like to be advised about:-

(1) Its diagnostic tests,
(2) How such tests are physically done and
(3) What specialist a doctor should be to treat the problem in question.
(4) Do I need to undergo a surgery?

About me:

I am 44+ years unmarried male, seldom have sexual (protected) experience, going to get married soon. Recent sperm test confirmed its count and motility as normal. Last 3 years I have gained my weight from 82 KG (180 lb) to 99KG (218 lb) due to relaxed, laid down working with my computer and very less walking, earlier, I used to walk a lot. As a result the space between my inner thighs has been so reduced that my testicles get much lesser room and they rest between the pressures of my increased thighs. Seldom had I used to wear a brief till before two months I have joined a gym.

About my problem:

Comparatively, my testicles were bigger in size but considerably normal sizes. Sine last two months, after I have joined the gym, my left testicle swollen to almost 15 times of my right and it is considerably hard too. Now, if it is pressed physically with fingers, nowhere but particularly a small area in its bottom position experiences a very less pain.

Action Already Taken:

Last month I have visited a general physician when the pain was more, may be due to wearing a tight trouser during a long train journey. It is also possible that in any earlier occasions the left testicle sustained thrusts during riding a bicycle or may be it sustained unusual pressure between my increased thighs. The doctor prescribed me some pain killer tabs. and suggested me to wear a suspensory bandage. The irritating pain has now though gone but the present size and hardness of my left testicle made me anxious. The doctor also advised me to consult a surgeon, or an urologist.

Please advice:

(1) The diagnostic tests required,
(2) How such tests are physically done and
(3) What speciality a doctor should have to treat the problem in question.
(4) Do I need to undergo a surgery?
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