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Hard structure above my right testicle

As i was examining myself (normal testicular exam), i noticed a hard structure above my right testicle.
I can explain in details, about 0.4 cm in width, hard-ball like structure, does not cause pain or swelling, and seems like it can be floating as sometimes it's on the very right of my testicle while at other times its above it.
Is not attached to the testicle itself.
My urine has a water like color (transparent) and sometimes light yellow, with no discomfort while urinating.
I'm worried that i visit a doctor and find out it's something bad (not ready to hear any bad news)!
From checking similar posts i see this is very common and could be some form of a cyst but i can't be certain.
I'm 32 years old with no history of any testicular complaints before!
I want your expert opinion please.
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I've booked an appointment next Sunday for doing a 3D Ultrasound and checking what this structure is. I'm very worried but i think this is the first thing i should do. I would appreciate if i can get to know what are my options here on what this ball structure can be? Thanks for your support in advance.
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My ultrasound results came in today and i was diagnosed with a 11 mm Cyst. I don't know how dangerous this is or what should i do next? I would appreciate if someone can give me an advice please. I also want to understand why are cysts formed in the first place!?
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