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Hard vein which is sore when touched near tip of penis

I think it's been two weeks now since I noticed that one of the veins along my penis leading up to the top from the base, a little left of center on top, has become hard.

It feels like it may be separated from the shaft of the penis if that is possible? It is not painful along the shaft but as it approaches the tip it is quite sore to the touch. I am unsure if the soreness is from the vein or the site where it no longer becomes detectable.

Everything looks normal, except that along the shaft it is more pronounced, but not obscenely so. Not surprisingly it is more noticeable when erect. Urination does not seem to be affected.

Does anyone know what this could be? I made an appointment with my doctor but the earliest appointment was 3 weeks away, I'm a little worried I have already waited too long before taking action, though it does not seem to be getting worse or better.
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Sorry, I wasn’t able to find much of anything on the ‘net about this. I’m going to guess that it might not be anything too serious, but on the other hand, blood flow to the penis is important for maintaining erectile function, so it’s prbly a good thing you’re getting it checked out.

Since you said it’s not getting any worse, I don’t think you have too much to worry about as far as ‘waiting too long’. If I were in your shoes, I’d just wait until I could see the Dr. If the Dr. isn’t able to answer your Q to your satisfaction, then you should see a Urologist, who’s prbly going to be much more familiar w/ unusual cases like this.

Good luck to you & please check back in after the Dr. app’t & let us know what he/she says...
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I'll not worry too much about it in the meantime, thanks. And I'll do my best to update, but I do also have a terrible memory :(
Sounds good!
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