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Has Anyone Had A UROLIFT Procedure For BPH Inlarged Prostate

I would like to hear for anyone who has had a Urolift procedure for BPH. Please tell you how it went. any side effects pain bleeding ect? Have you had any sexual side effects or incontinence?
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I had it last Tues, so a bit early to answer your question for long term effects.  But initial reactions are - procedure is a 3 out of 10 for pain.  Uncomfortable, but quite tolerable.  They numbed my prostate by both going up the rectum and injecting it from that side as well as going up the urethra and doing from the front.  The only other medication I got was Ativan for anxiety, which I didn't need and didn't do anything as far as I could tell.  They then fill your bladder and ask you to pee.  That pee was quite bloody, and also not much.  Because of that they decided to put me on a foley catheter for two days.  I was using intermittent catheters before this, so was somewhat used to the sensation.  What I wasn't used to were the hellish bladder spasms that occurred that night and were excruciatingly painful.  I called the after hours line and was told to take a couple of ineffectual medications and call back during office hours.  The next morning they told me to remove the catheter as it was most likely what was causing the spasms.  That appeared to be the case because they stopped shortly after.  Second day side effects included painful and frequent urination, and urge / loss of control.  It might be worth your while to invest in some incontinence underwear for the first day or two.  It's now to the point that the only real issue is the painful urination, but it's getting better each time.  I expect by the weekend I should be able to do most of the things I normally do.

It's too early to assess how successful it's been for increasing stream and cutting down on dribbling at the end of a pee, that will probably take a week or two before I can really say.  I haven't tried any sexual activity and don't think I will for at least a week.  
did you have a medium lobe prostate in the bladder neck. hope it works out for you
No, I don't believe so.  I think that's one of the things they check for before they will recommend the procedure.  My urologist did a cystoscopy and  transrectal sonogram a few weeks before.
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