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Have epididymitis without having sex

I was diagnosed with epididymitis but never had sex I'm 27 years old and it started as a hip pain from work doctor gave me antibiotics for 10 days this is my 7th I feel no change in my swelling ( getting worse)but my fever is getting better how does it mostly end up? I'm scared I don't want it to be Chronic I want to live my normal life I love to play basketball please help
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You can have Epididymitus without having sex - i had it in my early 30s & was not involved in a sexual relationship at the time. It does take a while to heal, several weeks for me before I started feeling better. Most likely it will go away after antibiotic treatment & following Dr's instructions. If I recall, I was told to refrain from any sexual activity until things got better...
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I know finished my antibiotic for over a week. And still feeling the same I’m scared.
No need to worry so much at this point - as I said, it took  3 or 4 weeks before I felt better. It’s usually not a big deal, give it some time, if you don’t feel better in another 2-3 weeks, talk to the Dr...
Is it normal to feel hot again? Though She actually referred me to a urologist but I got no call still and one more question WCB rejected me they said it wasn’t work related so they put me on light duty but my testicle is still sensitive so I ask if I can extend it and so they called in our company paramedic asked questions about me t and he recommended me to continue on an antibiotic, after then our HR talked to me about my condition and she said she’ll put me on a sick leave and try to apply for an EI sickness leave then call her back on sep 26 regarding what will the doctor say about my condition the thing was I don’t know when will I see my urologist and will I get better in that period of time
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