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Help.. 2 ER visits/2 urologists and Pain is comming back!.. unbearable..
Help.  I'm horrified.

Levofloaxicin stopped working.  The pain was so bad I started having anxiety about bathroom doors and for the first time in my life asked for an anti depressant (from a urologist).  I've admitted myself to the ER twice and seen 2 urologists.

Extreme pain when urinating.  Enough where I was nearly suicidle.  Couldn't urinate and a catheter in the ER horrified me.  even asked doc to cut the nerves to my penis.. I know how crazy that is..

Symptoms are narrowing of the urethra, extreme pain during urination/not mild, mostly in the penis head... drips of pee coming out are unbearable..
sharp aches and pains, unpredictable pain.  nerve type pain of extremes  

Tested negative for UTI, common STD's, Goneria,a nd Clymidia. no kidney stones

no other pain other than in head of penis and urethra area..
penis head toughens up and if pinched feels sharp jolts of pain and sting..

but the bathroom is the problem.
I didn't drink for almost 2 days and the ER doesn't seem to have a solution..
I.V etc.. they just Med me up and ask me to pee.  or mention a chatheter.  I'd almost rather die.  

used doxycycline, cypro,  flagyl..
(had a surgery to open dilate or widen urethra)(all this past 2 months)

2nd urologist said prostate may be boggy.  put me on levofloaxicin.  In two weeks symptoms were nearly gone.  after 25 days of levo he said i could stop and symptoms started again.  Went back on levo for a second dose .. they improved for a while but symptoms have declined since, even while on second dose of Levo.

I've been eating healthy,... scared it was stopping the levo.  have started taking it first thing in the morning w/ out food.  but i eat high protein mineral vegetables later.  Perhaps I became immune.  

Please help...

tonight if I wanted I'm not sure if I could fit a toothpick in my peehole.  wouldn't anyway because of the pain of course.  

Is there any other antibiotic similar to levofloaxicin that might work..

the night before this started.  I masterbated like 3 times in a row in like five minutes.  I don't drink often but had drank heavily that night.  I knew it would have hurted had I not been drunk.  so I don't know if its nerve damage, prostatitis, urethra stricture, or some unknown cause..

Had experienced mild bathroom increase in night before that.. having to get up just to pee a lil in the night but then was no pain...

anyway..   I'm a week away from my next urology app.. and the ER doesn't do much but threaten a catheter which is like pooring lemon juice in a open stomach wound.

please bare with my panic.. can anyone help..

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This may help but please Do not Panic,

I have Recently been experiencing the EXACT same symptoms as you. Also had passing of blood/semen a few days ago, but since then no blood in urine.

Anyway, I had so much pain when I urinated that I also was suicidal, scared and to be honest in tears because the pain was like I was passing needles through my Penis!. I was scared to even go to the toilet after that.

I went straight to emergency, did some tests and it turns out I had NO infections / St d's/ Prostatitis or what ever its called. Nothing Serious.

I was really, really honest with the doctor so he could diagnose me correctly and told him the pain started when I ejaculated when I was masturbating.

He then told me that that the problem was mechanical and it was a tissue which was torn inside the urethra caused by, (in bold) masturbating, AND as the acidic urine was passing through the urethra, it was irritating the tissue, which was causing the severe pain, like needles were trying to pass through. Also told me that the blood was from a blockage.

I kept repeating to him that the pain is too much.
But he didn't give me Any medicine at the end, because i didn't need it. He told me that its something I should not worry about at all. Give it a few weeks and it will heal up. Take some painkillers to reduce the pain when urinating && try sitting down and urinate < (which Helped Greatly, noticed there was less pain :)

Now I think you may have the similar problem and the cause of it was excessive masturbation. I mean you did say "the night before this started.  I masturbated like 3 times in a row in like FIVE minutes" But it could be several things,

But I think your problem is similar and you could have a small skin tag in your urethra that got torn during masturbation or urination and like a paper cut, you feel it when it's irritated. Typically this goes away by itself, but it can be uncomfortable, especially because you can't stop the pain completely until it fully heals.

So I would recommend trying urinating sitting down on the toilet, to reduce the pressure and some of the pain and also take some pain killers like ibuprofen to reduce the some of the pain to.

Hope that helps,

I have been doing the above and to be honest its helping a little and really its the only thing I can do to reduce the pain, until everything heals up.

Take Care. Get Well Soon.
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