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Last week my boyfriend had two episodes of blood in his urine with no associated symptoms. We went to an urgent care centre where he had bloods taken and also a CT scan which both returned normal, even though the doctors suspected kidney stones. There was no evidence of infection in his blood or urine sample. However today it is still happening and we don’t know why. He has also passed one clot today. They have recommended he has an STI check and I have also booked one but I’d doubt that this is the case. He has been experiencing some mild back pain, but nothing else. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? He is going to return to his GP at the end of this week. Please help!
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Certain foods can cause this believe it or not, beets, berries, etc.  And laxatives if he has had any of those? Urinary tract infection?  Kidney stone? Kidney infection?  Those were all ruled out?
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