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Herpes Vs Pearly Penile

This past weekend I had protected sex with my partner and the condom ripped. It took me a few “strokes” to notice that it was ripped and so I replaced it. The next day later that night I noticed a pimple under the head. I popped it and white pus came out similar to a pimple on our face. I ALWAYS wear condoms and refuse to have unprotected sex.

For the past three years I have noticed strange bumps between my head of the penis and foreskin. There are tons of them rapping around my penis in that section. I looked up pearly penile and seen that it would be in 2 or more row. I wouldn’t call mine perfect rows like a lot of pictures that I have seen. I have tried popping them but nothing ever comes out. When ever I attempt to pop it I’m “tickles” and a little discomfort at the same time. They never burn or itch and honestly don’t feel them at all. The bumps are more like “plaque” than papules. I just know that PPP pearly penile develops as life goes on for some men.

I guess my main concern is to make sure I’m safe and so is my partner.
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