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High Creatinine serum

I am 21 years old male. I have been witnessing Foamy urine for about 2 months.I drink a lot of water and when i do, my urine is clear with little to no foams. When I pee out all the water and in my next trip to bathroom, my urine is very foamy, cloudy but the bubbles disappear in less than a minute. I do not feel any pain or discomfort while urinating.
I stopped by the clinic a month ago and had a Urinalyses done which was normal and it was also negative for protein and no infection was found. Recently, I had another trip to the clinic in which I had another Urinalyses and Blood test. The urinalyses was all normal once again and no protein was found. I got a call from the nurse the next day and she said that my BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) is normal; blood glucose is normal;however, my creatinine serum is slightly elevated. The normal range is 0.6 to 1.2 mg/dl and mine came out to be 1.48 mg/dl. My doctor told me to get tested again in 6 weeks.
Please note that I am a heavy weight lifter.  I have been practicing bodybuilding for about 4 years; therefore, i also have a higher protein intake than an average person. In the past, I have taken and cycled creatine monohydrate supplement. I got off my creatine cycle 2 weeks ago. Could my elevated creatinine serum be because of creatine monohyrate supplement that I was taking 2 weeks ago? Do i most likely have an kidney damage of any sort?

I have tendency to get paranoid all the time and I do not have peace of mind. Waiting 6 weeks for another test is like going through hell. Should i be worried at all?

Any advice would be helpfull and appreciated. Thanks
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Did you ever figure anything out? I am going through the same thing  I have had numerous dipstick tests and they have sent my urine off to the lab and everything is normal. If I pee alot there is little to no foam but there is alot most of the time. I am going to have blood work done tomorrow
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Hello doctornee medical
Thanks for the reply. It did help.
I am already drinking a lot of water. I have noticed that when i wakeup in the morning, my urine is concentrated with little to no foams. As the day goes by and i drink more water, its usualy not concentrated at all but more foamy; specially after high protein meals. The only thing i do not understand is that if my urine is foamy after high protein meals, how come there was not any protein detected in two seperate urinalyses dipstick test that i had. I am not worrying about it too much.

Please keep me posted
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Welcome to the forum!
In the absence of any protein in the urine, the cloudiness can be due to passing urine too fast or due to dehydration. So you should drink more water on a regular basis. Also the creatinine level is not too high—in fact it is only marginally higher. It is really not a cause of worry as you take a diet rich in protein. Just keep drinking at least 10-15 glasses of water everyday and in all probability the next test will be normal.
It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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