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How long does it take to cure epididymitis, can i workout and masturbate?

Hi. I am 21 year old male.I used to train for a full year, including weightlifting. One day I noticed a small lump while showering that was at the bottom of my left testicle. After a few days it got bigger and started to hurt. I went to urologist and was diagnosed with epididymitis in january this year. My urologist gave me antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills that i drank for 10 days. After 5 days pain was gone, but swelling still remained. By the end of therapy my pain and swelling were gone. But after a week I noticed that i can still feel like a small lump on the back of left testicle. I started to work out again and couple of days after pain started again and lump got bigger, so did the swelling of testicles. Now i drink another antibiotics, with anti-inflammatory pills. I did tests for STD's , urine culture and sperm culture and all was good. I did ultrasound of urinary system and it was good. I didn't do ultrasound of testicles, which I will do later this month. I was even tested for tumor markers, and everything was negative. My question is when will the problem be completly gone, and is it related to exercising? Cause I fell like it is, or is it just a coincidence that when i start working out, couple of days later i get symptoms back. Can i masturbate in the process? My left testicle goes up when aroused, and it hurts a liitle. When I was little my mom told me that one of my testicles was up and dropped later, does that have something to do with this problem?
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You can check here on MedHelp for answers to this same question. I also had it myself many years ago - at that time my Dr. suggested no sexual activity till things cleared up, which took a cpl weeks, then resumed but only about 1 or 2 times a week, once things were feeling better, I gradually resumed normal activities. Many others w/ this issue said their Dr’s suggested it was OK to masturbate once a week (maybe twice), but not more until things were returning to normal.

As for working out, it could be that this tends to boost T levels, which would cause the various parts of male sexual apparatus (testicles, prostate, seminal vesicles, etc.) to produce more sperm & fluid & that could be aggravating the symptoms a little. This effect might be more pronounced if you also take supplements that tend to increase androgenic/anabolic activity. So I would say you may be OK to resume some activity for now, but don’t overdo it. Also, this condition can be a little hard to get rid of, be patient, it may just take a little longer to resolve...
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