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How long hematospermia is normal? As my husband has since 3 months

I am a 60 years old issuless women. My husband is 65 he has children. My husband went through prostate biopsy in January 09. in December 2009 kidneystone removal by sound but it was not removed then on 22 JAnuary 2010 again and then the kidney stune came out in pieces. It was 0.8mm. Since November 09 my husband is doing 2 hours yoga too. before he use to do 30minutes.
He has enlarged prostate. which was effecting urine flow so he is on Flowmax. He is on medication for  High Colestrol  too.
But since March he has hemospermatomia. Urologist is saying it will go by itself. In march my Husband's PSA was 5
I am worried I do not have desire to have sex with him. How can a person have sex with a sick person?  I am worried to the last My vertigo is clicking due to all this.

He is my only hope and life. What shall I do Shall I ask second openion. On net I read that it may be due to biopsy. His biopsy was done last year. But Hematospermia is only traced when it is out of Vagina. I don't know if his ejaculate was bloody after biopsy. The seman is like light brown or chocklaty color.

It is 2:30am and I am on internet since 11pm. I may loose my mental balance. Please help me as sooon as possible.He was taking goose berry powder, febugreek power. A clove of garlic may be 1-2 clove everyday I told him to stop all these including the flomax because I saw on internet flowmax side effect cab be problem in Ejaculation. I am Biology related person in North America
Please help help.
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